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S3: 1st Division

Sunday 22 January 2006
22:00 CET

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Armless' Team
ns_metal, ns_veil

Match Report


Armless started rine on veil. Aliens got pipeline and build c12 and cargo.
Marine got 2 sgs and a lmg, who killed c12 and cargo after that. Both rts went down withou much resitence.
Meanwhile the marines capped all rts, 4min played, jiriki went lerk.
Armless sieged the main hive after 9 min.

Cargo main, jiriki com 3 rines went to west 2build base got a sg and died in pipeline some min later. Aliens build pipeline and c12 and marines went for fast aa. 3:30 min played some marines went to c12 with a hmg but didnt manage to get the rt down. Guito went fade. The next mins the marines tried to gain some space with hmgs.
At 9 min the whole marine team got sgs and went for cargo (sub was growing at that time).
At westskylight the marines encountered 3 fades and killed all of them.
Rines died at cargo, armless won some minutes later.


Ins rines, aliens got surface, the marines went for fast pg at cooling and a bit later secured smelter with a tf. Aliens killed alot of the rine rts and rushed cooling at 8 min with 2 fades and a lerk. Hive was growing at cooling secured with some ocs. Insert tried to rush the hive but got killed.

Armless marine, main surface. Marines reloced at mineral killed heating and storage D with sgs and went for the mainhive.



Blank jiriki | old people

Wp by Armless, though that fade hat trick kill was quite amusing. =)

22 January 2006, 23:31


Blank Heras

hat trick ONWZ

23 January 2006, 00:01


Blank vara

fades should have noclip

23 January 2006, 00:16


Blank Guito

all was vara's fault

23 January 2006, 00:18


Blank Guito

i forgot thx for the report

23 January 2006, 20:42


Blank NsN

HLTV Demos?

26 January 2006, 19:03


Blank Guito

You can get them from here http://www.redgamer.net/files/Armless%20vs%20Insert%20ensl3.rar

29 January 2006, 19:22

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