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  • klawz Blank
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S10: 1st Division

Sunday 22 June 2008
23:00 CEST

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The Sproggalots

Match Report

The Sproggalots (Observatory) opt for a four RT strategy, dropping Generator, Big Room, J-Turn and Hangar Junction. However, nineLegends have already sent three LMGs to Big Room via Port Corridor, and with only two skulks in the field Big Room RT is quickly felled. Alien backup arrives but is subsequently dispatched by some nice LMG from Oetel and frG. Meanwhile Fana and mu have capped Cargo and pressure Hangar Junction with a shotgun; they fail to take out the node. The three LMGs, having capped the east side, push through Atrium and manage to finish off Hangar Junction RT but quickly succumb to the pointy teeth of Sheep and Altbst.

Another shotgun is dropped to Fana and nineL push through Hangar Junction to J-Turn. Sprogga begin to take down the Generator-side nodes, but nineL are already capping Hangar side. The Aliens are preoccupied with RT biting, allowing Fana and frG to take down J-Turn and one MC in the Observatory Hive before they are overwhelmed by Sproggan Skulks. Marines are in a strong position with seven RTs compared to the Aliens’ two, but Sheep and GreeN are on the job now as lerk and fade respectively. Peacham doesn't let up on the pressure and quickly dispatches a shotgun group to take out Generator and lock it down. Marine RTs are dying fast with the nineL cappers dying faster. Now WU2 is researched GreeN and Sheep are having a tough time of it. Shotgun sherpa heads up a push to Hangar Hive, but it all goes tits against some nice skulking and lerking. The Marines push again for Hangar-side with LMGs and manage to build the Junction node but don't get a Phase Gate up before they die.

Enigmatic fades to support GreeN, Hangar Hive is dropped by Altbst and Sheep finds himself relerking after running in to a hail of bullets from frG and Fana. With WU3 up, nineLegends push once more to the growing Hangar Hive with a broken grouping of three shotguns. GreeN tries to escape frG's buckshot by blinking through a wall, but the solid nature of walls and Fana’s pistol gets the better of him. Marines get a PG up at Hangar and four Shotguns pummel the hive, whilst GreeN and enigmatic throw some claws managing to escape a few times with less than 50 HP. The valiant GreeN teleports into the incomplete Hangar Hive one more time, slaying three shotgunners before meeting the business end of Fana's boomstick.

Hangar Hive gets turned into a fine paste and the Marines are powering ahead in the res war. A trio of shotguns steamrolls into J-Turn as enigmatic tries to return to hive on 11 HP; he survives but fellow fade, Tweadle, is not so lucky. The writing is on the wall for the Aliens as the Protolab goes up in Marine Start and frG and Fana take out the 2nd MC in Observatory. Heavy Armour goes up and a sleep-deprived enigmatic finally bites the bullet.

nineLegends 1 - 0 The Sproggalots

nineLegends (Hangar) drop Obesevatory and J-Turn nodes. The Sproggalots go for a four-man presure with two Shotguns pushing through Atrium to J-Turn. Spotting a wide open Marine Start the Aliens quickly organise a base rush. Sproggan Commander, Klawz, makes a massive error of judgement and jumps out of the Command Chair to kill the lone skulk chewing on his Obs, not spotting the other three skulks coming in on his six o'clock from Port Corridor. The base is quickly destroyed with the aid of a friendly Gorge, and the four remaining Marines retreat from Observatory without even killing a single Alien RT. GreeN ploughs back to Marine Start with some solid shotgun work besting the ambushing skulks. Sherpa's Lerk can only watch as the two remaining shotgunners rebuild Marine Start.

The Sproggalots fight hard to regain some map control, capping the Generator-side RTs and pushing Science Lab and securing a PG with their two shotguns. However, Oetel's Hive and Fana's Fade have already been up for some time by the time the Marines reach their destination. Some cautious play from nineLegends' life-forms sees the Marines stalled long enough for the second hive and second fade to go up. The Sproggalots hive push gets turned over, but they still have five nodes and move to secure a PG in Big Room. The Aliens quickly cap more RTs and get some SCs and a third fade up and it all proves too much for the Marines when three Focus Fades and Sherpa's Onos start doing the dance of death in Marine Start.

nineLegends 2 - 0 The Sproggalots

The Sproggalots (Sub-Sector) drop Cargo and one Nanogrid RT, sending a fast three skulk rush to West Skylights which runs in to a three LMG welcoming party. Peacham goes Armslab first and Fana and mu form a two-man pressure again, pushing to Cargo via Topographical. The other Marines hold the Aliens' attention at System Waypointing and Overlook whilst the shotgun takes down Cargo. Two Marines at System group up with the shotgun and push to Nanogrid, but a scrappy rush from Sprogga sees enigmatic's skulk take the triple kill. The RT doesn't go down, but it remains unhealed and consequently dies shortly after to LMG pressure. The game turns in to a bit of a low-res battle as nineLegends push Cargo and take down the redropped RT before the GreeN's Fade swipes them all down; whilst at the same time Sheep's Lerk has been making life very difficult for nineL's lone cappers.

Marines make a concerted push for The Dome and manage to get a PG up as Cargo Hive is dropped. Peacham seems to be feeling lucky, so four shotguns are dropped and nineLegends gamble on a hive rush on two RTs. With a PG and a shitload of shotguns in Cargo, GreeN decides not to challenge and attacks Marine Start but it's all in vain as the Marines make short work of the growing hive. Peacham doesn't wait around, sending his four shotgunners straight to Nanogrid. The Marines manage to take out the RTs there but at the cost of all four guns and then feeding the Aliens as they tried to retrieve them: some fearless Fading from GreeN. The Sproggalots have been recapping RTs with Klawz the whole time, whilst the Marine cappers have been hounded by Sheep and GreeN. It still seems wide open with The Sproggalots playing a strong resource game.

nineLegends push to secure Pipeline with a PG at C12, and manage to get a foothold when Sheep takes a hot load in the face from mu’s shotgun. The two-hive lockdown prompts Sprogga to bring up another Fade; enter enigmatic! Twenty-six seconds pass and young Mr. Eskola tries to tank one too many shotguns. Advantage nineLegends. Three shotguns and WU2 make it difficult for GreeN and Sheep to slow down nineL as they rape and pillage in Nanogrid. Klawz drops Pipeline Hive and GibbZ goes fade to support the indestructible GreeN. The Sproggalots fail to kill the C12 Phase Gate and Pipeline soon falls to WU2 AU2 Shotguns and HMGs, as they exchange the growing Hive for Nanogrid RTs.

Peacham sends a three-man pressure down the West-side taking down Overlook as GreeN and GibbZ engage the meat grinder on Cargo Phase Gate. Some nice fade teamwork stops nineLegends reclaiming the double nodes of Nanogrid. Cargo Hive gets redropped and with two fades, a lerk and a few OCs it looks like The Sproggalots could be on to a winner. Marines push hard to get a PG on Cargo's east corridor, and jetpacks force the Fades out. GibbZ and GreeN access the situation well and make a b-line for the Armslab managing to take it down and stall the Marines, but the Alien team fails to capitalise; nineLegends hold Cargo, rebuild the Armslab and rock the hive. The jetpackers proceed to rape the Alien RTs, even with heavy resistance from an increasing number of fades. Marines control the map well with Phase Tech and Jetpacks, forcing the fades to come to them. The one-hive fades are simply outgunned and eventually Sub-Sector Hive is razed to the ground.

nineLegends 3 - 0 The Sproggalots

nineLegends (Pipeline) dropped C12 and Cargo whilst The Sproggalots power build base and go with the four-man two-shotgun pressure again. The pressure group moves quickly to Cargo, and destroys the nineL resistance and the RT. However, it all goes pear-shaped shaped when they try to take a shortcut through Lift-5 and both shotguns are lost. Marines have capped the west-side of the map and move quickly to System Waypointing to secure a Phase Gate. The Aliens redrop Cargo RT, but Klawz drops two more shotguns and Sprogga push to Cargo for a second PG. Fana decides not risk his fade against the Sproggan shotguns, opting instead to dominate their cappers whilst Cargo goes down. Sherpa keeps the Marines in a constant cloud of spores and skulks get on nodes hard. With a second fade up and Oetel on Onos duty, nineL call a timely base rush: Armoury, Armslab and Obs go down. A feild Obs saves the day, but the Aliens have bought themselves a lot of time. However, poor fade teamwork produces very few results and Sprogga hold all their Phase Gates. The Onos is eventually trapped and killed.

Whilst nineL have been focusing hard on killing Marine RTs they have neglected to drop anymore of their own, and with only one hive and two RTs they slowly allow The Sproggalots to tech up and hold ground. Several fades are slayed and Fana decides to Onos; with a little more success than Oetel. Sub-Sector Hive is dropped and Sprogga move to System Waypointing to siege. WU2 and HMGs make things tricky for nineL and there are a few casualties, but after a prolonged battle the hive eventually goes up thanks to some solid fading from sherpa and frG. Three focus fades stretch the Marines out allowing the skulks to cleanse the map of Marine RTs, and nineL finally start to cap more nodes.

The Sproggalots are beaten back to one Phase Gate and two RTs, but still they manage to hold the Alien torrent back long enough to get a couple Jetpacks up. GreeN and enigmatic's HMG\Shotgun jetpack combo takes down Nanogrid with relatively little trouble; again poor teamwork from the nineL fades. It seems like a comeback could still be on the cards with a few more fade fatalities and more jetpacks being handed out. However, they couldn't sustain their momentum against gorges who were constantly recapping and dropping OCs. The Sproggalots were eventually beaten in to submission but not without a fight.

nineLegends 4 - 0 The Sproggalots

Peacham MOTM for some jolly good Commanding!



Blank mu


10 July 2008, 05:03


Blank Sharpi

No mu, rocks are always first, then comes biological things, and after few hundreds year when nobody cares, maybe few norwegian historians

10 July 2008, 05:31


Blank GibbZ | 9L

Good game Ninelegends and wellplayed.

I hope next time we can be a bit more active before the game and give you a proper challenge!

enigmaitc`: Don't make fun of me Ad. I do a pretty good job at that myself!


10 July 2008, 07:55


Blank Admirable | God Squad



10 July 2008, 14:44


Blank dAn00b


10 July 2008, 14:52


Blank Arj | Ant

Superb report, thanks Ad

10 July 2008, 15:03


Blank Tweadle

Great report, ta.

10 July 2008, 18:42


Blank AltFrthz

nice report, how do I read it?

10 July 2008, 21:27


Blank Logan | The Sproggalots

peach superpro :D

11 July 2008, 00:45


Blank Fana | Archaea

Good stuff, nicely written report! Peach did a great jobb as comm, but I think the whole team deserved MOTM, everybody pulled their weight (even sherpa) and then some.

"Several fades are slayed and Fana decides to Onos; with a little more success than Oetel."
Actually both Onoses killed a lot of RTs and denied Sprogga map control, I'd say we were pretty succesful at doing what we needed to do. Onoses usually die pretty fast, although perhaps not as stupidly as me and Oetel. Also, that sentence implies that I died as Fade, but I didn't. Pah!

sherpa spotted at Obesevatory xD

12 July 2008, 01:08


Blank Fana | Archaea

Relevant link: http://www.ninelegends.com/content/view/48/1/

12 July 2008, 01:12


Blank frG | TROLLS

sherpa spotted where!? "Obesevatory" ?

12 July 2008, 20:07


Blank frG | TROLLS

Nice post btw Admirable, amusing read, thanx for the effort :)

GibbZ, keep playing, one day.. one day..

12 July 2008, 20:08


Blank tjab0 | el'pheer

ahur ahur xD

14 July 2008, 01:33


Blank Fana | Archaea

Read the text, frG :E

14 July 2008, 03:04


Blank frG | TROLLS

damnit, the mistake was too big, to be yours.

14 July 2008, 10:23


Blank Admirable | God Squad

God damnit...
Missed that one on spell checker.

I think I'll leave it in for the lulz ;)

15 July 2008, 00:21


Blank Fana | Archaea

I actually thought it was intentional xD

15 July 2008, 02:06


Blank BerglunD | Snowrollers

Thats a matchreport, lol!

24 July 2008, 05:41


Blank Oetel

Awesome report, well done, well done!

28 July 2008, 12:02

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