NSL S3: Division 2 Group A

Sunday 13 October 2013
14:00 EDT

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Blank Mega | pubstars

can you guys rly play on default time it might be 4 a clock or something for you ?

because we might offer this sunday 6.10.2013 around 13:00CEST what i suppose is like 9 a clock in the evening for you guys

3 October 2013, 17:12


Blank Slayar | Ascension

I've discussed with Mega what times we can potentially play.

We aim to play Sunday the 20th, 21/22:00 AEST and 13/14:00 CEST, but I've advised due to end-of-semester university exams we might not be able to play. If not we will try for following Sundays

12 October 2013, 21:34


Blank Mega | pubstars

we gonna play it on sunday around 13:30CEST

18 October 2013, 08:43

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