NSL S3: Division 3 Group B

Sunday 6 October 2013
20:00 CEST

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Maximum Damage

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Maximum Damage disbanded.



Blank Simba | California Burrito

What's the story? Updates please.

10 October 2013, 21:22


Blank Blainn | OMNOM

I'm trying to contact Svarog-tvarog to set up a date. Maybe we are going to have to play this game next week cause we scheduled a makeupmatch against Silvermoon this Saturday and are trying to play against Evolved Ones this Sunday.

10 October 2013, 23:41


Blank w0k | Evolved Ones

Note for both teams here: EO can't play this weekend (holiday in Canada). If you guys need to schedule on Sunday, don't hold it up because of us (Updated in our match notes, just noting here to MD gets the information not just OMNOM).

11 October 2013, 18:30


Blank Blainn | OMNOM

Would you be able to play Friday 25. oct.? Or during next week? Waiting for answer.

22 October 2013, 19:06

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