NSL Season 4 - Division 3 Group A

Saturday 5 April 2014
05:00 UTC

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Gorge Busters



Blank Freevoi | Gorge Busters

With Silvermoon bailing on us last min last Sunday to not turn up we have been trying to rearrange the match this week they have not been getting back to us. Due to this we might have to push our game with you by a week due to them which is annoying. So i apologise in advance but soon as we know what is happening with them we can arrange our game :)

5 April 2014, 11:41


Blank Freevoi | Gorge Busters

With silvermoon dropping out of the NSL, we are free tomorrow night at 20:30 CEST 15:30 EST i think

5 April 2014, 20:00


Blank maxamus | IG

Hey, so can we play this game on Sunday? What times would be best?

10 April 2014, 21:40


Blank jope | Team Awesome

Sorry, I had no idea how to find this after the playdate listed. I saw your msg against neuromancers about trying to contact us. I msg'd SemiHandy to msg you Freevoi. I believe since you are euro and we are US, playing Mon-Tues is not capable thus leaving tomorrow to play. He should be in contact today

12 April 2014, 16:30


Blank Freevoi | Gorge Busters

ok sure, we can play from 9:15-10:15 CEST which is 14:15-15:15 EST if I am correct with the 7hr time difference for east coast?? we can do it earlier if needed but I understand earlier might not be viable for you.

12 April 2014, 17:06


Blank Freevoi | Gorge Busters

agreed on time 20:00 CEST 14:00 EDT sunday 13th

12 April 2014, 20:49


Blank semi

Confirmed, 2pm EDT Sunday 13.

13 April 2014, 03:23

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