NSL Season 4 - Division 2 Playoffs

Sunday 1 June 2014
00:00 CDT

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Blank Jackson | Bad Gather Group


2 June 2014, 08:48


Blank MuteD | el'pheer

Our clan leader is on a vocation and will be back next sunday so after that we can figure out the play day.

2 June 2014, 11:06


Blank Jackson | Bad Gather Group

Super cool, works for us

2 June 2014, 17:03


Blank ContagiouS | el'pheer

Suggested time 16.6.2014, 20:30 CEST

10 June 2014, 15:36


Blank ContagiouS | el'pheer

New time Wednesday 20:30cest.

14 June 2014, 15:47


Blank FireMan | We're grumpy

well played

18 June 2014, 18:24


Blank Iots | el'pheer

wp, bad ref and holy shit how much we sucked on summit.. gl in finals

19 June 2014, 00:55


Blank Sadenki | BugsFunny

Its a joke ?!?
U whine all time dud, on serv, now here. Don't be sad, try hard next time ...

19 June 2014, 05:32


Blank Iots | el'pheer

1. wp = well played
2. 'holy shit how much we sucked on summit' = declaration how we played bad and lost as you should in that situation
3. gl in finals == good luck in finals == best wishes
4. referee made calls which were outright stupid in our eyes but ultimately had no impact how the game ended, thus.... 'bad ref'
5. Sadenki commenting on a game he wasnt even a part of? :DD

dno m8, we were pretty bummed out last night afterwards but you know shit happens, if you wanna stir drama about whining feel free, dont care =) i had fun last night playing, time to enjoy summer and play random dota2 :p

19 June 2014, 08:00


Blank Pelargir | We're grumpy

I want drama! I wasn't here but everyone loves drama! Please Iots! Someone needs to make a post about this, whatever it was. Anyway, the Division 2 has to be won by an European team, Finnish or French, no matter. :D

EDIT: stop playing Dota 2, it's bullshit! And go train your shitty lerk! xD

19 June 2014, 15:40

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