NSL Season 5 - Division 1

Saturday 27 September 2014
01:00 EDT

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what time would be nice for you to play?

1 October 2014, 15:39


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thursday 21:00CEST
we are up to play

13 October 2014, 18:53


Blank ContagiouS | el'pheer

We are not able, looking at Sunday now

14 October 2014, 14:04


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i told you before that sunday 18:00 is the most late date we can play at, unless u want to play Friday/saturday dude its really shit of you to delay the match more and more in your favor to the end of deadline..... i told you some of my player cannot play at sunday and you just delay and delay its really fucked tactics.......

i already asked you at 1st oktober for this match, god damnit!!!
ban el pheer !!!!

16 October 2014, 06:46


Blank Iots | el'pheer

seeing how you have to play 2 games this weekend, then yeah it's either us or the muricans will have to play you on saturday, if sunday isn't possible, but hey i would assume these things to be a bit easier to discuss on steam messages, since now we have a better idea when our guys are able to play, of which today is not possible,

but i'll leave that to contagious once he has time to be at the computer..

16 October 2014, 14:23


Blank ContagiouS | el'pheer

izO please don't make inappropriate accusations and I would also appreciate that you conduct this in a civilized matter. You very well know that we have been looking at available dates in steam chat on a continuous basis.

If I remember correctly I gave you at least 4 times slots where we could play and you gave me some as well. I can't really help the fact that if at those dates did not work for my team as I understand if my suggestions were not optimal to you we shouldn't play on them either.

Anyways I don't think this is a life or death matter and I am sorry if our communication hasn't been to your satisfaction. I do still hope that we can Find a time to play this.

Please post here time times that work for you on either Saturday or Sunday and I'll see if I can make them work with my team.

If we are not able to play on the weekend I think we can plea our case to the admins to be allowed to play e.g. on Monday or Tuesday?

16 October 2014, 14:31


Blank ContagiouS | el'pheer

izO I'm still waiting on your reply.

We can play today between between 17:00 - 21:00 cet.

We can also play on Monday or Tuesday starting from 20:00 cet .
(and if that doesn't work for you we can start at 21:00cet)

19 October 2014, 07:52


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18 cest still as confirmed some days ago :P

19 October 2014, 10:13


Blank ContagiouS | el'pheer


19 October 2014, 12:07


Blank Pelargir | We're grumpy

This match has been confirmed, unfortunately, there's no available Referees.

19 October 2014, 12:11

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