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Season 11 Division 1

Sunday 7 May 2017
20:00 CEST

Predictions (1)

Heidis Bergziegen



Blank RolliePollie | Pell-Mell

09.05.17 - 20cest

8 May 2017, 22:33


Blank Home

10.05.17 - 21 CEST?

9 May 2017, 20:44


Blank Home

04.06.2017 20 CEST

31 May 2017, 20:29


Blank RolliePollie | Pell-Mell


31 May 2017, 20:55


Blank Mephilles | Xeon

okay I reactivated the match for you to play then

31 May 2017, 21:40


Blank Mephilles | Xeon

Okay headsup boys I need you guys to be aware of 1 thing:

You are placed 4th and 5th in div 1 atm. As you might know only the top 4 teams make it to the playoffs,

In case you play 2-2 against each other you have the same amount of points, the same amount of points in the direct matchup against each other and the same number of won matches during the regular season.

Rule 8. part (a) chapter (v) states:
(v) At the beginning of the match the higher seeded team is determined by:
* the overall collection of points during regular season
* if tied: the collection of points against the other team during the regular season
* if tied: the number of won matches during the regular season
* if tied: by coin flip.

Which means we would need to do a coinflip to decide who would go to the playoff.
Since we want to avoid that we have alternatives for you which you need to agree upon before you play.

Option 1:
In case you play 2-2 in the match a 5th round will be played. A coinflip will decide a virtual higher seeded team. That team can either pick side or map for the 5th round. The other team can pick the other one.

Option 2:
In case you play 2-2 in the match a 5th round will be played. Map and side will be decided randomly by the present referee or admin.

Feel free to suggest other ways of solving this issue.

In case no agreement is met by the end of the match we will continue as stated in the rules

31 May 2017, 22:25


Blank Bicsum | Heidis Bergziegen

I'm really hyped for a coin flip right now.

1 June 2017, 02:00

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