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Season 12 Division 3 Playoffs

Wednesday 21 February 2018
20:00 CET

Predictions (4)

8bit Gamers
Bo5, Bo5

Match Report

8Bit Gamers

being the Higher Seeded team so they get the choice of Side or Map pick first.


they chosen Side Pick: Aliens


Saunabois getting the first Mapban: Descent

8Bitgamers first Mapban: Tram

Saunabois 2nd Map ban: Summit

8Bit Gamers 2nd Map ban: Biodome


Leaves the following maps in the pool: mineral jambi veil nexus


Saunabois picks first map: Jambi

8BitGamers picks 2nd Map: Nexus

Saunabois picks 3rd Map: Mineral

Leaves Veil not played.



Blank Gung-Ho | Saunabois

Can't wait for this one, it's gonna be good either way

12 February 2018, 10:17


Blank Stormbell | 8bit Gamers

23th friday in the talks im hopping for the best

15 February 2018, 19:32


Blank Aazu | Saunabois

OK next friday sounds ok!
Clock 20 CET? :9

17 February 2018, 09:27


Blank Aazu | Saunabois

OK 23friday20cet it is!

20 February 2018, 17:24


Blank kIdGO | 8bit Facehuggers


20 February 2018, 19:58


Blank Aazu | Saunabois


Next time when you pause during our most important push of the round, pls do it like rules say. That tactical pause aspect is not so bad, as we could also talk what we do next, but our com was not able to do anything for 10sec and had to jump out chair and back after resume. We also lost our momentum at that point. Think there are some rules about this, but they are not followed as usual and ref should maybe check em too... /salty

24 February 2018, 08:40


Blank Kash | For The Lolz

Basically, the way my mind worked in this situation was -

1. Saw 8-bit break the rules.
2. Thought, "that should be a forfeit right there... that's bullshit."
3. Heard their reason for breaking the rules
4. Though, "man, I'd feel really shitty if that happened to us and we were forced to forfeit."
5. Came to the conclusion that they should still be punished, but it should be a lighter punishment, like replaying the final round.

In the end, rules were still broken, 8-bit should be punished.

If the admins don't enforce the rules, whats the point in having them?

Either way, if you ignore this one bad part, it was a great match and both teams played really well GGs all and good job on the casting Cabooble.

24 February 2018, 10:51


Blank POPI | pubstars

whats the point of rules if you can break them without punishment, that pause timing was in crucial point.

And 8bit defend was:
consumer99: fyi, the pause was because our player medpack lost their mouse, who also lost their fade because of it.

- But if you look at the stream medpack lost hes fade at 31:20 (game clock) and pause was called 32:02 without asking referee to pause. And because of that Kapuh had com bug and could not scan for arcs or med marines in that push

How can you lost your mouse?

24 February 2018, 13:40


Blank Stormbell | 8bit Gamers

the mouse stopt working if you look after he lost the fade in the stream when the arcs are comming in he is standing still in the hive becuse he cant use the mouse its probebly my bad gramer that made it bad

24 February 2018, 17:37


Blank Kash | For The Lolz

The reason doesn't stop the rules being broken, they just apply context to the situation.

Does it suck that his mouse broke? yes, but -

1. You didn't ask a ref to pause.
2. You paused at a crucial point of the round, while combat was inevitable and almost constant.

Both of these things are against the rules... If the rules don't get enforced, you may as well not have the rules at all.

If you had requested a pause, the referee is then at fault if the pause is badly timed... but you didn't.

24 February 2018, 19:38


Blank Mega | pubstars

1st is You don't have to ask a Referee any more to Pause the Game that part got removed b4 the Season Started you wont find it anywhere in the Rules.
(the times you heard it on stream that where just people being wrong didn't read rules correctly)

2nd The pause timer luckily went to 0 right after Stobbez died and right b4 the Aliens went around the corner so it didn't interference as much on combat as you might think.

GGs everyone didnt watch the whole thing yet but looked like Good Games

24 February 2018, 20:44


Blank Kash | For The Lolz

Okay, I wasn't aware that the necessity to request a pause was removed, Its nice to know that going forward.

But that still doesn't justify the pause -

(iii) Pauses are only to be used to enable a player who has an unexpected connection issue to reconnect to the server.

The above states that pauses are to only be used to allow a player to reconnect... there was no disconnect, and as such, this rule was broken.

(iv) Teams may pause BUT as not interferencing with combat as possible CLEARLY abusing the pause function for tactical advantage/winning combats may lead to forfeiting the round for the pausing team.

This rule, while appallingly worded, seems to state that gaining tactical advantage due to a pause can result in punishment... which after watching live and then rewatching the VoD, 8-bit gained a LOT from that pause...

If nothing is done, it will just further demonstrate that the nsl admins don't give a fuck about the rules... either enforce the rules, or get rid of the rules.

24 February 2018, 22:16


Blank BauerJankins | nazi hunter izO

kash fuck off this is a match page and none of your business you fucking shill, go mind your own business
and please ban yourself from commenting again
surely your puppet would gladly do anything you ask

25 February 2018, 16:19


Blank Aazu | Saunabois

Im not here to ask for forfeit (but still some justice), but if one of their players hits mouse to table so hard it breaks down or throws it on floor after losing his fade, sure that sucks but why we need to suffer from it? Not saying we would have won 100%, but check that stream and you see we had pretty strong position.

After his mouse died, sure we might had advantage if they had -1 player for some time (replug ur mouse, pick it from floor or so), but after that resume it really turned against us when we had no com for a while and messed our (and mainly our com) game and momentum.

We just killed hive with same arcs few minutes before this push, when they had 2 fade lerk etc...think we could have killed that hive also with meds, scans and 4 arcs.


25 February 2018, 21:03


Blank Mega | pubstars

please continue your discussion here: http://www.ensl.org/topics/1890

all further comments will be deleted here

25 February 2018, 21:55

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