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Season 12 Division 2 Playoffs

Sunday 18 February 2018
20:00 CET

Predictions (3)

Ololoi's Dream
Bo5, Bo5

Match Report


being the Higher Seeded team so they get the choice of Side or Map pick first.


they chosen Side Pick: Aliens


Team awesome getting the first Mapban: Jambi

pubstars first Mapban: Veil

Team awesome 2nd Map ban: Tram

pubstars 2nd Map ban: Descent


Leaves the following maps in the pool: Mineral Summit Nexus Biodome


Team awesome picks first map: Nexus

pubstars picks 2nd Map: Summit

Leaves Mineral and Biodome unplayed.



Blank Mega | pubstars

We can most likely play Sunday 19-20 CET

13 February 2018, 18:37


Blank Nooblar | Ololoi's Dream

I'm going to be unavailable this week, i'll see if my team can play but i want to schedule this for the 18th at 19 cet if you guys are okay with that

14 February 2018, 04:32


Blank dja | pubstars

Hi, the 18th at 19cet works for us.

15 February 2018, 17:56


Blank Nooblar | Ololoi's Dream

Whoops i'm sorry all these shifts at work are numbing my brain, i meant the 25th at 19 cet

16 February 2018, 19:28


Blank dja | pubstars

25th 19cet confirmed

21 February 2018, 20:36

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