Season 15 Div1

Sunday 20 October 2019
20:00 CEST

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Gung-Ho & Pals
5 piece combo

Match Report

Forced forfeit for being outside the allowed time window of 1+1 weeks as stated by:

3) Matches may be postponed 1 week after their original week of play if both teams agree.

a) Should one team disagree, then the team who has players ready to play during the original match week may force their opponent to forfeit.

b) Matches in the last week of group play may not be postponed.

By displaying 'more effort' the team 'Gung-Ho & Pals' gets awarded 4-0 as stated by:
4) If a match is not played, the match comments and the date + time match proposals on the NSL website will decide the score by the following possibilities:

a) A score of 4:0 is awarded to the team who displayed more effort than the other team in terms of scheduling and attempts to play.

b) If such a determination is not easily made at the end of the season, no points will be awarded for the match and will result in a score of 0-0.



Final edit: Gung-Ho's team forfeited the season, so tap's team takes this match



Blank Gung-Ho | ChromoloMe MAFIA

Can you play Sunday @ 19:00 CET

2 November 2019, 15:48


Blank Nightsy

forfeits bc thats how you have a fun season hehehe xD

6 November 2019, 22:09

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