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Season 15 Div2

Sunday 27 October 2019
15:00 EDT

Predictions (0)

Tim Tam Slams
California Burrito



Blank Noky | California Burrito

Working with RedNight to try and schedule a game on Sunday 0100 AEST, 0800 PST (Saturday), 1100 EST (Saturday), 1700 CEST (Saturday). Pending team confirmation.

22 October 2019, 00:34


Blank RedNight

We have organised our games this weekend 2am sunday AEDT

23 October 2019, 22:22


Blank DCDarkling | Tactical Retreat

Unless either team denies it, I shall be your caster.

We do not (yet) have a referee. I will keep a eye out as a backup referee. Please note that a caster has other tasks also, so if you feel I miss something (as a referee) when casting, let me know.

If a referee signs, I will be your caster only.
In terms of dispute I can give advise, but as im involved in the match you should contact another admin. (Rules, 3.d.3)

25 October 2019, 16:39


Blank Pelargir | No Brain No Skill

26 October 2019, 13:35

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