Season 15 Div2

Sunday 3 November 2019
14:00 EST

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Tim Tam Slams
Celerity Sex Tape



Blank RedNight | Tim Tam Slams

If we can organise our games this weekend either sat/sun around 11am-4pm AEDT would be best for us but we can organise times better for you if those dont work.

6 November 2019, 10:32


Blank DCDarkling | Tactical Retreat

This match is in its scheduling week. Please schedule a match.

6 November 2019, 15:12


Blank RedNight | Tim Tam Slams

if we need to play late at night we can play fridays late also (today) we are willing to go as late as 1-2am AEDT

7 November 2019, 22:45


Blank clowning | Tim Tam Slams

Hey guys, as we're coming in hot to the weekend here Australia time, could we please get an indication of how likely it'd be that you'd be available?

We're pretty flexible this weekend with the right amount of notice, just need a bit of a heads up to get everything lined up!

7 November 2019, 23:04

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