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S1: 5th Division

Tuesday 17 May 2005
00:00 CEST

Predictions (0)

Tears of Soldier
ns_tanith, ns_lost

Match Report

Well this has been a pleasant match to watch, and hopefully a pleasant match to play. I apologize for the minor servor problem that occured while I was rebooting it (thanks to Naxo btw).


- 1st round : [To$] marines (comm : Titus) - cuties aliens (Fusion)

Classical movement strategy for the aliens who quickly build Acid and Chemical RTs. Two marine stay in MS while three others keep trying to build again and again the double ressources. Cuties cause them a lot of trouble. Even a shotgun is barely enough to maintain these ressources built.

Stiman and Limit fade 4 minutes after the beginning of the game, followed by an annoying lerk. [To$] goes and tries to seek luck on the West Side, with no success : 1 minute later, the armory is down, thanks to a nice action of cuties. The distress beacon brings all marines home, these are killed by two unbeatable fades. At 06:49, marines have no other ressources than that of the MS.

Satellite Hive is complete at 07:00, the base is resold at 8. One last beacon for fun, and cuties win this round.

- 2nd round : cuties marines (comm : nephotep) - [To$] aliens (Waste)

MC strategy again. Three marines go to the double, then to West Access in order to maintain pressure on the Hive, while two others find their way to Chemical and Satellite.

Cuties successfully try to reach Cargo, but eventually die, while some other marines build a PG in Satellite. In the same time (05:26 and 06:00), Meyfarth and Titus evolve respectively to Fade and Lerk. While they defend Satellite, cuties successfully build a PG close to Waste (08:00 minutes). The TF is up @ 09:00, but aliens keep harassing the attacking marines. Kjee, who has evolved to fade, maintains pressure on the MS. Titus' lerk dies.

Cargo is now up, and the second evolution chosen is sensory. Meyfarth's fade anihilates the remaining marines close to Waste. Kjee destroys the last IP. Great round for [To$].


- 1st round : cuties marines (comm : BB) - [To$] aliens (Equilibrium)

MC strategy again ! Two marine go Continuum, then Eternal Requiem. Three remain at base. A quick fight occurs in Coolant, [To$] are victorious. They are again when Temperature RT is attacked.

Some marines successfully build a PG in Cargo, but it is destroyed soon enough by Titus who has evolved to Lerk at 04:00. Nella launches Cargo (05) while Kjee evolves to fade himself (04:35). He dies on a mine (06:35).

In the meantime, marines build another PG close to Cargo, the hive is down at 07:09. Aliens have one ressource tower left, they keep maintaining pressure on marines' RTs. Another fight occurs in the middle of the map, close to Temperature. Meyfarth fades (08). Kjee and he maintain pressure on MS once again. Marines take their time to build a phasegate in temperature, BB drops some HA's (10). They invade the hive (12) which dies 37 seconds later. The round goes to cuties.

- 2nd round : [To$] marines (comm : Titus) - cuties aliens (Cargo)

You just won't believe it : MC strategy !.

Well it's been a fun round to watch. All [To$] stay in base in order to prepare a shotgun rush. Lima, Nella and Kjee don't make it to the hive, while Hicks and Meyfarth die in it. A short time later (04:34), Limit and Stiman fade and harass the IPs. Shortly after Equilibrium is launched (05:00), nephotep frantically tries to kill his own hive. Facing the perpetual attacks from the aliens, the marines resell their base (06). Daring strategy from the [To$], but cuties did react the good way.

As for the man of the match.. I've hesitated between several players, including Kjee, Meyfarth and Limit. But I was most impressed by Stiman's fade.

A fair game, some great actions. Good luck to both teams for the rest of the league !

(P.S. : don't blame me if I've made some mistakes, I'm quite tired).



Blank PoMMe

Good game everyone, report incoming.

17 May 2005, 02:06


Blank Meyfarth

GG Cuties

17 May 2005, 02:12


Blank HickS


17 May 2005, 02:13


Blank Nephotep | New Team

nice game thanks guys.

17 May 2005, 02:17


Blank email

meep meep

17 May 2005, 02:19


Blank TiTuS

Thanks for the wait and the second map! GG all maybe we had could have a 2 - 2. but no ! ! ! GG and see you cutie for the revenge :)

17 May 2005, 02:32


Blank PoMMe

Report up !

17 May 2005, 02:54


Blank GibbZ | 9L

Good game

17 May 2005, 03:04


Blank Meyfarth

Hee don't have seen me at the warm up, that is the reason why stiman is Man of the match ;) LOL

No GG stiman, good fade ;)

17 May 2005, 09:44


Blank alza

Don't forget Limit :-/

17 May 2005, 11:41


Blank KKtus

Man of the match is a PIMP ^^

17 May 2005, 12:39


Blank Trilag

Nice report, good job.

17 May 2005, 16:12


Blank Nephotep | New Team

btw i wasnt comm :o

17 May 2005, 16:15


Blank mu


17 May 2005, 22:35


Blank Raistlin

omfg pomme referee that own :>

18 May 2005, 03:36


Blank Meyfarth

good referee :D

18 May 2005, 20:09

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