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S3: Premiere

Friday 20 January 2006
22:30 CET

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ns_metal, ns_veil

Match Report

Demos: http://www.zanith.nl/ns/demos/leviinsaneensl3.rar


Insane marine / Levitacus alien
Levi started with Sub and build Overlook and Cargo, but both RTs went down in the first 3 minutes while Insane captured the whole Pipe side. In an attempt to save Cargo skulks killed the Armory and IP. Scale became Lerk and Levi dropped MCs. Around 5:30 Insane got a PG at System Waypointing and managed to take the building Cargo hive down. At the same time Insane had lost most RTs and a fade (Invasion) was up. The Armory died a second time to 2 skulks around 8:30. Insane recapped their RTs and build a pg at double from where they rushed Cargo and killed the again growing hive and Hopeanuolis fade. This time it lived long enough to drop DCs though. Levi had killed the double PG and so they tried to finally get up Cargo around 17:00. But Insane got a PG at Dome soon and killed Cargo with heavies, then they went on for Sub which died a few minutes later.

Insane alien / Levitacus marine
Insane started with Cargo. Levitacus could build all the Sub-side RTs in the first 2 minutes. When they came to Double they died to Insane's lerk (Ray) and some skulks, but on his way to Sub Ray was finished by Tane (~2:30). Insane had MCs now and Levi got MT. Around 4:00 the first fade was up and a hive was growing in Pipe. Levitacus build a PG at System Waypointing which died to Insane's fades a bit later. The Pipe hive was up around 7:00 and SCs were dropped. Levitacus managed to get a PG at Pipe, but it didn't last long. From now on Insane fought Levitacus back to their base. JPs were dropped at 13:00, but they couldn't get out of the base and Insane won.


Insane marine / Levitacus alien
Levitacus started with Smelter. Insane killed one of Levi's early RTs and had 6 RTs after 2:30. MCs were dropped. At 4:00 Insane dropped a PG at Mineral (phase-tech was the only upgrade at this point) and Invasion became fade. Now Insane attacked the growning Surface hive and could kill the defending Invasion. The hive was down a minute later. Around 9:00 Levi tried to get up Cooling, but Insane had a PG there in no time and killed this one too. Now they concentrated on Smelter. At 11:00 heavies pushed into Smelter, killed the fades and took down the hive.

Insane alien / Levitacus marine
Insane build SCs around their hive Smelter while Levitacus got early MT. Around 4:00 Insane dropped a hive in Surface and the first fade was up. A minute later Levi had a PG at Storage and killed the hive. At 7:00 Insane had lost all RTs and were down to 2 SCs. Insane built Cooling, but it also died before it was up.
Levitacus had JP ready now. After a failed first attack the fades and smelter went down.



Blank FlashNaabZ

lolol i sucked like a polish :<

21 January 2006, 01:46


Blank SuiX

Cortayx bleach !

21 January 2006, 02:37


Blank aA

LOL FRENCH WHINE, poland > france in ns!

21 January 2006, 22:56


Blank FreeZe

whine > ns, yesyes

22 January 2006, 01:52


Blank Ctx-

rofl Urahara.

22 January 2006, 03:44

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