Shoutbox rules

The shoutbox is a tool for furthering communication on the website. It allows for quick and informal messages that everyone can see. In the interest of everyone using the website, and the shoutbox, the following rules have been instated.

 Shoutbox rules


Code of Conduct applies!


English: Any comments in other languages than English will be deleted. Repeat offenders will have their shoutbox access removed.

Shoutbox fuckery: Don't fuck up the shoutbox or any shoutbox users. If you post a malicious link in the shoutbox, your shoutbox access will be removed.

Consequences for breaking the rules


Consequences may range from temporary to permanent shoutbox bans, depending on what rule was broken and how it was broken.

Repeat offenders that show no interest in learning the rules, or are clearly breaking the rules on purpose, will be awarded with permanent shoutbox bans.

Do not try to circumvent a ban by registering a new account. This will lead to permanent bans on both your old and new accounts.


I don't agree with a moderator decision!


If you would like to inquire about a particular shoutbox moderator decision, we welcome any questions in the feedback forum. Please be civil, explain your point, and detail your opinion on it. You may question any shoutbox moderator you like as long as you are not rude about it. Abuse of this privilege will result in liberal applications of the ban hammer.

 Any problem with the Shoutbox ? Create a forum post here.


Do not contact jiriki about the shoutbox. He is not interested. If you have suggestions or complaints, post them in the feedback forum.

Fana on 26 September 09 03:47


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