If you need help...

Alcoholics Anonymous
United States of America
14 August 2006
19 January 2015 - 00:22 CET
I just want to start by saying this is wonderful to see. I'm extremely happy to see people wanting to play competitive play. And I want to thank TAW for promoting this and putting it into motion. Without dedicated players this like, this game would never be what it is today. So thank you.

Now on to the topic. If you're participating in this tournament, I highly recommend you reach out and look for help. It will make everything come together and sync well. I'm willing to help any person or team that want help. Just have to ask.

There are other premiere and division 1/2 players who are also willing to reach out and help. I'm sure of it.

So let's get this rolling and lets have some amazing games!
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