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28 September 2009
5 June 2017 - 20:55 CEST
I have been asking the most other Gathermods if the Gatherrules are ok like they are and I would like some Feedback from you guys too how to enforce the rules and which rule needs rework in what form.

Please notice derailing Comments/Posts in this thread will get deleted.

You can post here below how and what needs change/adjustment rework and/or post in the Googledoc with the comment function.

Correct/update/adjust/rework these here with the comment function:

The Gatherrules in long:

The Gatherrules in short from the TS3 channel description:

add as Friend to get Messages like:
[NSL] GatherBOT: 8/12 Players Join up at

GatherRules (explicit) :

Short Gather Rules:

1. Play until the end with the same Steam ID as the one on the NSL Gather website.

2. If you cannot play, get a substitute the merc can't be banned from Gathers.

3. "Don't be a dick".

4. Speak in a language all your Teammates understand/speak preferbly English.

5. PICK wise and quickly as captain.

6. Players can't be forced to play a specific role (commander, lifeform etc).

7. Join the ENSL TeamSpeak + NS2 Server in less than 10 Min.

8. Listen to your Captain, Commander then teammates.

9. Don't Join the Next Gather until the "Marines/Aliens win" Banner Appers.

These Requirements and Duties for Gather Moderators:

Apply as a Gathermoderator here:

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