Gathers, Rules & Expectations

This page provides Frequently Asked Questions that define gathers and their role in the NSL community. After the FAQ, rules and expectations are stated, along with solutions and punishments that are relevant to player conduct during gathers. Our Code of Conduct and Sanctions and Appeal process documents apply. 


Q: So what are gathers?

A: Gathers are pick-up games where you can sign up to play a competitive 6v6 NS2 game with other players from the league.


Q: Does one need to be good to play in these gathers?

A: Anyone who understands basic English and is willing to listen is welcome to join. Sometimes experienced players can get a bit frustrated with beginners but it’s okay, we've all been through that path before, it’s nothing personal. :-)


Q: Why would I play these games instead of public games?

A: Because these games are much more demanding, and arguably more fun. You can get a taste of what NS2 used to be as a competitive game, pinnacle of FPS games. Nearly all players who play gathers regularly prefer them over public. Gather games tend to be more balanced, too, as captains pick the teams and admins might intervene to avoid boring walkovers.


Q: Why would I not play these games?

A: Possibly either of because of some personalities you'll come across or, you're not interested in playing this game as seriously as some players still do. Depending which kind of team you end up playing with, you'll have to put more or less effort into the game, more likely the former.


Q: What do I need before I join?

A: Discord voice chat and working copy of NS2. Also you might need some tolerance for extended waiting.


Q: So how do I join?

A: Click here and follow the instructions. It’s important you get yourself to our Discord voice channels and the game server, we can guide you through the rest of the stuff.


Q: I got banned from the server after I registered, WTF is this?

A: You need to sign up to a gather, and wait until it starts, not join a game in progress. Don't worry, it’s just a temporary ban (if there even was one).


Breaking rules can be punished with warnings and bans, according to the discretion of gather moderators. In the case that no moderator is present, a timestamped video or screenshot is needed as evidence. Testimony from a majority of present players may be used as evidence


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Before a Gather 

1. Play until the end with the Steam ID that appears on your NSL profile.

[P] Not showing up to a gather, and not taking appropriate steps to find a replacement player, can result in a ban from gathers. See the following Rule 2 for further details.


2. If you cannot play, get a substitute, known as a merc, to replace you in the gather.

Be sure to clearly identify the merc will be, such as in the game server, teamspeak, and gather page chat.

[S] Ask all the Gatherplayers to actively help finding a substitute player.  

[P] A warning will be issued, with a possible ban. 


Basic Expectations from Gather Players

 3. Act with courtesy, respect, and decent sportsmanship. 

See (Code of Conduct) for further details.

[P] A warning will be issued, with a possible ban. 


4. Speak in a language all your teammates understand, preferably English.

[P] A warning will be issued, with a possible ban. 


5. Pick wisely and quickly as Captain.

[P] A warning will be issued, with a possible ban.


6. Players are expected to play a role or lifeform that is stated on their gather page icons. Player preferences are to be respected.

[S] The icons next to a player's gather profile designates their role and lifeform preferences. Please keep these icons up to date.

[P] Not having an up-to-date gather profile can mislead captains and undermine team organization, resulting in a warning and possible ban.


7. Join the ENSL Discord voice chat + NS2 Server in less than 10 Min.

[S] If you are later than 10 minutes you may be replaced.

[P] Lateness results in a warning and possible ban.


During a Gather

8. Listen to your Captain, Commander and teammates, in that order. Effective communication is needed during gameplay, with microphone usage on TeamSpeak preferred at all times.

[S] Adjust your TeamSpeak setting so that you can hear your teammates throughout the round.

[P] If a player refuses to play and listen to their teammates, or has ineffective communication, a warning will be issued, and a ban is possible.


9. Don't join the next gather until a minimum of two players of the same team have quit the round, thereby making the unequal team auto-concede. Any abusive quitting from a player is punishable by Gather Moderators.

[P] Joining a gather too early will get you removed, along with a 3 minute timeout.

10. Commander (when commanding) and captain have to be unmuted in game.

[P] If a player refuses to unmute captain or commander, a warning will be issued, and a ban is possible.




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ok thx

11 March 2012, 20:22



How do i know which server to join?

6 November 2012, 16:44


Blank appLEjuice | No name yet :'(

Where can I find a link to this:
5. ENSL Rules section 6.3 is applied in the gather.

Can't seem to find the rules anywhere :S

(at least, no section 6.3 of the rules anyways)...

13 November 2012, 00:23


Blank a_lost_hero

6.3 Match Exploits

- Incorrect Rates: Plug-in will handle, no enforcement otherwise
- Excessive Warping: Referee jurisdiction only
- Joining wrong team: Immediate replay if asked by the team within 20 seconds
- Blocking weld-able vents: The other team can request suicide of the player(s) involved within a minute, and aliens are disallowed to use the vent or shooting projectiles through. This cannot be enforced afterwards.
- Disconnecting from onos belly: the player cannot join until 50s passed since devour, and must leave within 20s if asked, otherwise match forfeit loss. This cannot be enforced afterwards.
- Major map bugs: Match forfeit loss.
- Cheating: Match forfeit loss and player suspension.

13 November 2012, 12:13


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These will be updated soon when the NS2 Season 1 is launched :)

13 November 2012, 14:46


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Ahh ok, not that I understand any of it :p *lol*

weld-able vents?! warping?! incorrect rates?! dc from Onos belly?! :s I'm such a nooob xD

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give me my banhamer back!

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added mephs rewrite might be easier to read compare here:

26 January 2017, 22:20


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btw for those who are not permanently banned already, the Ban counter has been set to 0 for everyone and each ban happening after 01.01.2017 counts into the calculation.

The season ban can alternatively be a ban of 6 months. The ban after that can very well be a permanent ban.

31 January 2017, 21:47


Blank infamous | HasBeens & NeverWas


Grant him amnesty

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infamous says

Grant him amnesty

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