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Community Challenge

NSL Podcasts

Yesterday we had the opportunity to broadcast our first podcast of the summer (replay available at We introduced the NSL and provided some insight into its history with one of the former admins and players, swalk! It was the first of many to come, and we hope you enjoyed it. Since we’re still tuning and tweaking the formula, your feedback is very welcome. The next podcast will happen in the coming weeks, with new topics, formats, and surprise guests! Stay tuned for more information, as we will update the dates and times as they become available.

    AmarBot PlayStats

    Thanks Amar Hanoscia for setting up AmarBot on our discord server! The bot was already available on TA’s and TTO’s Discord servers using their respective stats, and is now available on the NSL Discord as well! A new channel has been created under the Bot Area category for this very purpose. The bot will only take into account states recorded on NSL servers, and can provide a lot of different ingame stats: commanding, accuracy, wins/losses, etc. You can find the whole list of commands in this Guide.

      Community Challenge

      The Community Challenge tournament takes place on the 15th and 16th of June 2019 at 08:30 PDT / 11:30 EDT / 15:30 GMT / 17:30 CEST (only Gorge Selection vs Team NS2CN will start one hour earlier) and will run the latest CompMod balance version (click here for the changelog). We will, for this event, use Challonge so you’ll be able to easily keep up with teams scores. So far, 8 teams representing most server communities have signed up, and this means some good games are coming! Due to the number of teams, this tournament will be ran in a double elimination style, up to a grand final. For a full list of rules for this tournament, as well as the map pool, please check the rules article found here.

      • A match consists of up to two maps, three rounds total played for the Group Stage. For semifinals, finals and grand finals, a match will consist of up to three maps, five rounds total played. A team will play a round on aliens and marines for the first map, and one round on the second map if required. A coin toss by the referee will determine which team picks the first map, and which picks the side played on the first map. The upper bracket team will be heads, the lower is tails. Both teams will submit their choices to the referee privately, who will announce the results once both answers are received. If a second map is required, the picks are reversed from the initial coin toss. A round is complete when the victory screen is shown for aliens or marines. Teams are encouraged to play their next matches as soon as their opponents are available.

      • The format of the tournament will be double elimination. The Grand Finals will consist of the winner of the Winner’s Bracket semifinals, and the winner of the Loser’s Bracket finals. The higher seeded team in the Grand Finals will be able to choose the outcome of the cointoss.

      Map pool:

      R1: Veil, Summit, Tram

      R2 (Winner): Jambi, Mineral, Caged

      R3 (Loser): Unearthed, Biodome, Nexus

      R4 (Loser Winners): Eclipse, Tram, Summit











        Your only obligation is to be ready to play at the above times. You will be told by one of the staff crew, on that day, what you need to do, what server will you play on (the password of any ENSL server is ns2nsl) and the identity of your opponents. We can set up a vocal channel on our discord server or Teamspeak 3 if you need one.

        Games will be streamed on various channels, you will be able to find them on the Calendar widget on the top right of our website.

        Do not forget that our Code of Conduct applies to this tournament, and any participant violating it will be sanctioned.

          Tournament Rewards

          rantology designed brilliant badges for the occasion. The three best teams will get the chance to carry them on any server (each player needs to have played at least one round), but don’t forget that until the next official NS2 build, they will only be displayed in your Steam inventory.

          Community Challenge badges

            Open tournaments

            Two weeks after the Community Challenge, June 29th-June 30th, we will start running events that involve every competitive players. Stay tuned for updates, and start preparing your teams! If we can get enough players before, a draft tournament may be organized.

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