NS1 Gathers, Rules & Expectations

Breaking rules can be punished with warnings and bans, according to the discretion of gather moderators. In the case that no moderator is present, a timestamped video or screenshot is needed as evidence. Testimony from a majority of present players may be used as evidence


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Before a Gather 

1. Play until the end with the Steam ID that appears on your NSL profile.

[P] Not showing up to a gather, and not taking appropriate steps to find a replacement player, can result in a ban from gathers. See the following Rule 2 for further details.


2. If you cannot play, get a substitute, known as a merc, to replace you in the gather.

Be sure to clearly identify the merc will be, such as in the game server, teamspeak, and gather page chat.

[S] Ask all the Gatherplayers to actively help finding a substitute player.  

[P] A warning will be issued, with a possible ban. 


Basic Expectations from Gather Players

 3. Act with courtesy, respect, and decent sportsmanship. 

[P] A warning will be issued, with a possible ban. 


4. Speak in a language all your teammates understand, preferably English.

[P] A warning will be issued, with a possible ban. 


5. Pick wisely and quickly as Captain.

[P] A warning will be issued, with a possible ban.


6. Players are expected to play a role or lifeform that is stated on their gather page icons. Player preferences are to be respected.

[S] The icons next to a player's gather profile designates their role and lifeform preferences. Please keep these icons up to date.

[P] Not having an up-to-date gather profile can mislead captains and undermine team organization, resulting in a warning and possible ban.


7. Join the ENSL Discord voice chat + NS2 Server in less than 10 Min.

[S] If you are later than 10 minutes you may be replaced.

[P] Lateness results in a warning and possible ban.


During a Gather

8. Listen to your Captain, Commander and teammates, in that order. Effective communication is needed during gameplay, with microphone usage on TeamSpeak preferred at all times.

[S] Adjust your TeamSpeak setting so that you can hear your teammates throughout the round.

[P] If a player refuses to play and listen to their teammates, or has ineffective communication, a warning will be issued, and a ban is possible.


9. Don't join the next gather until a minimum of two players of the same team have quit the round, thereby making the unequal team auto-concede. Any abusive quitting from a player is punishable by Gather Moderators.

[P] Joining a gather too early will get you removed, along with a 3 minute timeout.

10. Commander (when commanding) and captain have to be unmuted in game. Also the commander has to unmute all the players on his team..

[P] If a player refuses to unmute captain or commander, a warning will be issued, and a ban is possible. Same goes for commander and players. 



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