Season 14 Formats possiblities

League Official
27 September 2009
9 September 2018 - 03:22 MST
Format 1:
Standard Season Format like we are used to small and fast with weekly deadlines for the group phase and 1-2 playoff-games (depending on the division sizes)

Format 2:
Point based Ladder.
- 1 Division with 1 Seeding-list will be created with all Teams with at least 6 Players based on average ELO on the beginning of the Season.
- 1 Bo4 Match in 1 Week from Monday to Monday, Lower Ranked Team has Side-Choice. (Rank1 plays Rank2, Rank3 plays Rank4 etc)
- Point based ranking: you get each phase (from Monday to Monday) 2 times more points for a roundwin than previous phase. (Like this you can't just settle down after winning a few rounds in the beginning and Teams that join late can still catch up to higher Ranks)
- New Teams can join every Monday at the bottom Rank with 1 Point less than the last Team.
- Each Player can only play once for 1 Team in 1 Weeks (in 1 phase) including mercing.
- In case of both Teams not finding a Match-time to agree the Team with more Match suggestions wins if no effort has been done lower ranked team wins.

Format 3:
Something else or some adjustments to Format 1 or 2 let me know.

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