Welcome !

Welcome on the first season of the ENSL !

We wrote a complete presentation on the official NS forums, check it here.

A few reminders/notes:
when you sign up, don't forget to write your SteamID as x:x:xxxxx and NOT STEAM_x:x:xxxx; otherwise the sign up won't succeed.
Once your account created and once you're logged in, the Account link on the left will allow you to either create a clan, or apply to one. If you apply to a clan, you'll have to wait until the leader accepts you in. In that page you can also set your birthday and your country (if a country is missing, contact us). The clan country is set by the admins, to ensure correct information.
Don't forget the "Want to play next season" checkbox on your "edit clan" page!
If your clan isn't one of the most famous in Europe, we'd be happy if you sent a mail to staff(a)nsleague.com telling us who you are, what you did, what you expect... so that we can place you in the right division, which means more fun for everyone. In such short notice we can't do matches to determine this.

The first week begins on the 16th May. You can register your clan until next friday night (13th May). We'll do divisions and stuff during the week end, and during the first week you will have to schedule AND play your first match. We're sorry to compress things like that, but the league has to avoid the summer-activity-hole. Also please note your clan has to have at least 6 players before Saturday 14th May.

We are recruiting *good* referees. If you are at least 16 y.o., you speak english quite well and you have a good experience in competitive play, contact Mike on IRC or by mail.

Don't hesitate to use the forum to ask any question, suggest anything, etc.

We also have a channel on QuakeNet: #ensl. Although for registration questions and rules, we'd prefer you to use the forum, so that everyone can read it and maybe discuss it, and so that we don't die under the PM's. The IRC channel will later be the center for the HLTV's, referees etc.

Also note this is the first season, and a test season. Some things might go wrong, and we're here to spot them, correct and adapt so that season 2 gets as close as possible to perfection. The website also might have bugs; contact Naxo by mail with the error messages etc if you spot one.

Naxo on 06 May 05 19:02

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By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 07/May/05 00:03
Nice one, hope this league will work out fine
By: UnK- on 07/May/05 03:36
:D Go Go ENSL :) Should be a good season :)
By: KKtus on 07/May/05 12:06
Let's go cu@ENSL
By: Mancunien on 07/May/05 14:58
This league will frG ^^
By: Shine on 08/May/05 19:49
I like the "sound" of this league ! I think the Staff have and are going to do an ecxelent job for this league ; frG THIS is the league : ))))
By: Ridec on 08/May/05 22:28
just fyi:

it's austria, not osterreich (it would be österreich if you wanted to spell it in their native language, but as you didn't spell germany that way, it's supposed to be english) ;)
By: Naxo on 09/May/05 02:16
Fixed, thanks :)
By: oma ( vetus ) on 06/Apr/09 17:57
Had to comment the oldest post i could find :), This shit still lives :).
By: Voodo ( Two Team Squad ) on 16/Sep/09 19:00
ENSL Still rocks :)
By: Elvisq ( Team Four ) on 16/Sep/09 19:08
how could be otherwies?

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Saturday, 26 April

Unconfirmed - Div 4A: Diamond Gamers vs. M.A.C.S. (twitch.tv/isegaming)

20:00 CEST

Sunday, 27 April

Div 1: onFire vs. Envy ( )

14:00 CEST

Div 2B: 2hrsLater vs. -/AUS/- (twitch.tv/ren26)

14:00 CEST

Div 3A: »ACV« vs. Neuromancers ( )

19:00 CEST

Div 4A: UKTeamplay vs. M.A.C.S. (twitch.tv/thesingingskulk)

19:30 CEST

Div 2A: Gorge Casting Couch vs. Perfect Peckers (twitch.tv/ren26)

20:00 CEST

Unconfirmed - Div 3A: Frequency vs. TkMaster ( )

20:00 CEST

Div 2B: RadicaL vs. Work In Progress (twitch.tv/LoopyCaster)

21:00 CEST

Unconfirmed - Div 2B - Whipped ./` vs. Table For Six ( )

22:00 CEST

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[01:50] lump: Iots yes... have I returned? Which uk isp isn't being eaten by worms??
[01:48] lump: Haha Hi Paskie?!
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