Week 2 : Premier Predictions - by Ben and Zamma`

Here are the predictions for ENSL WEEK 2 for the Premier League:

Maps: ns_origin / ns_eclipse_ensl


Before I start my week 2 predictions I have a plea to make. I'm sure most of you have realised I'm not able to connect to IRC and a number of servers and as such I only know what I'm told, or what I can download and watch. I won't be able to continue writing accurate predictions if I do not have access to HLTV demos or at the very least a match report. It doesn’t have to be detailed, simply putting: team X was marine and beat team Y comfortably, or with SC, or were forced to base rush. So please get HLTVs for your match and please record, upload and place a url to your demos in your match result comments.

Moving on, week 1 is over and we've already had our first casuality. Unsurprisingly, though unfortunately, KTDM have folded. This puts the premiership at an even 6 teams so 3 matches will be played every week and there will be no BYEs. Flatline vs Ninelegends, which would of been week 1, has been moved to week 6 to avoid any problems with other weeks scheduling. In week 1 we saw Reflect beat Xensity 3-1 and I think they'll be the toughest competition for Nine Legends this season. Levitacus and testicules had a closely fought match (So I'm told, you guys seeing the problem with no HLTV demos yet?) and tied 2-2. Flatline and Ninelegends are yet to play their first matches. Week 2 offers us a chance to see the favorites nL start their campaign. We also get to see how the American teams square up against EU opponents. An exciting week, but I'm worried about the scheduling with American teams and we'll soon see if this trans-Atlantic league will work or not.


Testicules (0-0-1) vs Reflect (1-0-0)
Impact Players:
Testicules: tutu (Fade, Marine), Ray (Lerk), M//ke (Comm)
Reflect: DuoGodOfDeath (Fade), SplinterSteve (Lerk), Makeveli (Fade, Marine)

Last week we saw (read) Reflect start their campaign to become EU champions. They started out succesfully, defeating their across the pond friends: Xensity. Reflect is a good team with 30 ping, but find themselves at a disadvantage already vs the strong Testicules who were unable to beat Levitacus. I think with even pings reflect would take this, their innovative alien strategies make them difficult to predict and m//ke should be on the look out for sensory chambers. Testicules couldn't overpower levitacus last week and whilst I predicted Levi to win, I'm not at all surprised by that result.

They've got the ping advantage this week and they need to make it pay, especially on their marine rounds, where Reflect may try something obscure to try and counter their higher ping. Another factor this week is that it's an unplayed version of the popular ns_eclipse. The changes to areas like powersub may have a big impact on balance and both teams should be looking to scrim hard to see how best to exploit the new changes to their advantage.

Despite the excellent addition of Makeveli to their roster, unfortunately because of the ping advantage I don't think Reflect will beat Testicules and I don't feel that Testicules have what it takes to make the ping advantage turn into more than 2 points.

Reflect 2 Testicules 2


Flatline (0-0-0) vs Xensity (0-1-0)
Impact Players:
Flatline: Morvie (Fade), Phil (Lerk)
Xensity: ? ? ?

A tough start for xensity having to play CAL runners up: Reflect. Now they have to take on European teams with the ping disadvantage and to further compound their problems, they've just lost their big hitter, Makeveli, to their rivals, reflect! We didn't get to see what Flatline have to offer this season in the first week because of the unfortunate loss of KTDM, but I'm looking forward to this match. Flatline, a team not famous for it's marine play, has a very real chance to get off to a good start vs the deflated Americans. I am concerned that because of the bad start, the loss of a key player and future only holding high pinging matches that Xensity may be our second fatality, despite this though I really would like to see Flatline play aggressively and capitalize on their ping advantage. Aside from their result last week, I unfortunately know nothing of Xensity and I'm unable to make any sort of in-depth predictions.

Flatline 3 Xensity 1


NineLegends (0-0-0) vs Levitacus (0-0-1)

During the minicup Ninelegends didn't lose a single alien round and dropped only 4 marine rounds, during the cup they defeated levitacus 2-0 escaping with a 1% second hive. We're yet to see what their new roster can do but they've also just recruited b1 from the dead KTDM. b1 for me is one of the best all round NS players, his excellent commanding and organizational skills, as well as his FPS ability make him an excellent addition. Despite the apparent strength of their alien round, I think levitacus have the best chance to end nL's alien dominance.

During the minicup Levitacus played aggressively and took teams off guard often taking out a RT before the lerk and chambers were even active and nL will need to be very wary of this fact, especially on eclipse which is a very small map. Eclipse is a great map for these two to meet on because it's neither marine or alien bias like veil and tanith, having one less RT also makes it a less forgiving map, it's hard for commanders to fall back for prototech. Sherpa will have to be alert and aggressive to beat Levi's smartly organized alien round. I think Ninelegends have what it takes to beat Levitacus on raw skill, but there are elements of Levitacus's play that make me very wary of saying it'll be a comfortably victory. nL will need to be well organized and practiced to overcome this opponent

Ninelegends 3 Levitacus 1



Well done to all clans for playing their matches. As ben has stated, unfortunately KTDM has folded - meaning there are some players floating around that could give a boost to any prem team, so watch out! If you are unaware, there has been a new rule as stated in a latter news article. Enjoy this week's games and good luck.


Testicules (0-0-1) vs Reflect (1-0-0)
Impact Players:
Testicules: tutu (Marine), Ray (Lerk, Marine), M//ke (Comm), Nirgal (Skulk)
Reflect: DuoGodOfDeath (Fade), SplinterSteve (Lerk), Makeveli (Marine)

Reflect recently picked up a very valuable player, stealing him from the team they crushed in last weeks ENSL, Makaveli. With Makaveli, DuoGodOfDeath and SplinterSteve, Reflect can pull off a half decent line-up. Unfortunately all yanks pretty much suck and they have to face the more baguette friendly Testicules (cough insane). Testicules is a bit like Reflect in how it's roster is not all consistant with one another and how they have some key players, but with ray's lerk and tutu's marine skills they should be able to take the win. Testicules also have a vital commander, M//ke, who can always pull them through most european games, but with the americans having different tactics it is unsure how he will manage. This should be a good game to watch - the first Euro vs US match in this ENSL season in the Premiere division. Although Testicules do have the ping advantage I still feel that Reflect will try a devious tactic to try and overcome them. Yet all in all, I do not think this will overcome the skill and teamwork of the frenchies (and a few yanks thrown in).

Testicules 4 Reflect 0


Flatline (0-0-0) vs Xensity (0-1-0)
Impact Players:
Flatline: Skipjack (Marine), Phil (Lerk)
Xensity: XMadness (Marine)

After Xensity's loss to Reflect, they lost their vital player, Makaveli, to coincidentally enough, Reflect. But they have been quick to recruit and with XMadness now on their team seem a bit stronger. While Flatline on the other hand have not played an ENSL game yet and are lagging behind after KTDM folded. Flatline are a team of teamwork and tactics with a few vital players each providing a helping hand to the alien team. Yet Flatline do lack a strong marine offensive, not one of the premiere standard. After the loss of Morvie to the army, Flatline lack a decent shotgunner and a decent fade. Even so, they still have star player, Phil, the menacing lerk who knows how to abuse those hitboxes (****)! They also have Skipjack, who after his come back has proven a valuable recruit ever helping Flatline in the marine rounds. Xensity on the other hand in my opinion are one of the weaker teams in the premiere division (ofc coming from america). I think for sure that Flatline will win both the alien rounds as the skill that Flatline have for their alien rounds outstands alot of european teams especially with phil's agile skulking and HiVeFiSh's tank powers. This to me is a sure 2 rounds to Flatline leaving hope in getting the marine rounds. I would love to see Flatline play to win and really push Xensity.

Flatline 3 Xensity 1


NineLegends (0-0-0) vs Levitacus (0-0-1)
Impact Players:
NineLegends: n44bj (Marine), wltrs (Fade, Marine), aA (Skulk)
Levitacus: Invasion (Fade, Marine), Tane (Shotgun), Hopeanuoli (Marine)

NineLegends, faveourites to win ENSL this season, against Levitacus, a team which has been alive for seasons with a team of players which have a good and reliable teamwork structure. NineLegends to me have alot of potential, but have not been active enough to live up to it and therefore some of the players are not performing how they used to. Even so with wltrs and n44bj on the field as marines Levitacus may have a hard time fending them off, and with aA, and his "no-hitbox" skulk, and wltrs' fading, Levitacus will also have just as hard time on the marine rounds. Levitacus do counter though with players like Invasion, Tane, Hopeanuoli and Scale, the most active of the bunch all proving to be incredible aimers and good aliens. Levitacus in my opinion have weaker lifeforms then NineLegends but rely more on strong teamwork and tactics with clever skulking and lots of node biting. NineLegends however consists of arugeably the best players in the EU scene. Can Levitacus get some rounds of the leagues favourites? Who knows but this will definately be the match of the week and you really should not miss it!

NineLegends 3 Levitacus 1

Goodluck and Have Fun

GibbZ on 19 October 06 08:08

History | Comments: 63


By: SplinterSteve ( TROLLS ) on 19/Oct/06 11:25
By: Invasion on 19/Oct/06 11:39
By: Nirgal on 19/Oct/06 14:03
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 19/Oct/06 14:11
Say when was the last time you took two rounds off us, Inva? Hasn't happened since before the MC afaik.

Will be interesting to see how this plays out since we're having some issues right now. Sherpa's busted his PSU and can't play, meaning b1 will step in as commander for this match. In addition pantsu probably won't be here and aA's ISP has gone poop. If we're unlucky, we might end up having to play with a player with 160 ping or not at all because of computer problems.

Good predictions apart from a few factual errors, but that's to be expected. I don't agree with ben stating that Reflect will be our biggest opponent this season though, they might be difficult to beat but the ping disadvantage is really going to shaft them. The three top contenders this season are going to be Levi, nL and T.

Also ben forgot Impact players for nL vs. Levi.
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 19/Oct/06 14:13
Side note to Zamma: pst pst pantsu and n44bj fades for us.
By: scratchie on 19/Oct/06 14:27
how can Levi lose with with aimbot Talis?! If they are in shape they can be in the finals. Although i cant see that happen yet.
Nice predictions. 4 [t] - 0 reflect, hmm i think we can be suprised on that match
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 19/Oct/06 16:07
Eclipse is about as alien-biased as it gets; though I've not seen the recent EC version- only _ben3. Initial rush aside; you need marines with SGs/HMGs to break through to the lower half of the map and actually do something useful.

The broken part in my PC -should- be replaced by tomorrow (Friday); but a week without playing, 0 knowledge of the new eclipse, and the possibility of a university reunion over the weekend means in all likelyhood that bobbi will be sitting in the throne.
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 19/Oct/06 16:09
Oh- totally forgot to say: nice write-up ben and zamma :)
By: ben on 19/Oct/06 16:26
I nominate myself to command nL with ingame voice.

Whoops about the missing impact players.

Eclipse is marine frag territory if you can get your opening down, it's such a small map you can pop up at any RT anytime you like quite easily without going through danger zones or travelling a stupidly long way. You just need to play aggressively because you can't fight the res war without having aliens totally on the back foot with the endless streams of pressure marines.

Please make HLTV demos.
By: dellor on 19/Oct/06 16:36
I'm pretty certain reflect with starters on > any euro team (without the shit 150 ping)
By: Iots ( el'pheer ) on 19/Oct/06 16:42
Anyone else thought of Zamma's predictions to be much like crap, regarding the american teams? Seemed abit too much downgrading to me..

Oh and Ben, there's been a link for the demo's of reflect vs xensity on this very web page for atleast few days now. Is that match demo alone too little information for you to trow comments like; "know nothing of Xensity and I'm unable to make any sort of in-depth predictions."? Seems abit odd to me.

Other than the stuff above, nice read i guess.
By: ben on 19/Oct/06 16:54
I hadn't seen the demo, I'll check it out now! thanks!

Your confidence is inspiring, makaveli. If your raw skill is that high then the ping should really only cause you to drop the odd round. I mean lessthanthree, knife, teamuk, BM, KTDM consistantly beat or tied top American teams even with the negative ping.
By: ben on 19/Oct/06 16:55
Also, if your clan has weak players compared to the best 6, it's not your opponents fault that they're fielded. Ever considered cutting the people who are dead weight and dragging the team?
By: Iots ( el'pheer ) on 19/Oct/06 17:04
Righto, well from now on ill just regard you as blind Ben. And trow links to demo's on your email or something, hah. :p
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 19/Oct/06 17:08
Americans suck at all games

Hey ben fancy making an in-game voice clan!?!?
By: ben on 19/Oct/06 17:11
Sure, do we have to use IRC though because I can't use that either! :D
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 19/Oct/06 17:13
roflrofl works for me but we can go back to the old skool gimme your msn address
By: ben on 19/Oct/06 17:19
you give me YOUR msn address
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 19/Oct/06 17:22
Wheres the pm feature plz
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 19/Oct/06 17:23
Check your forums pm account
By: ben on 19/Oct/06 17:24

Mak, hook me up with a fade adrenaline management script please.
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 19/Oct/06 17:35
By: B1 ( iMAGINE ) on 19/Oct/06 17:46
nice work ben and zamma!
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 19/Oct/06 17:55
I am sorry Fana going from Knife were n44bj pantsu and wltrs all played - wltrs to me did a lot of the fading. ALSO I do know n44bj and pantsu did both fade although I still though wltrs was counted as your number 1 but im sorry I havent watched any nL games yet. My deepest appologies.
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 19/Oct/06 18:00
And im sorry Ots but I just dont rate american teams:

A) A pitchfork mix including me and a few other players DREW with Reflect a few hours before the CAL finals.... thats poor man really poor.

B) My clan invicta 5-1'd DN in a pcw.

Regardless they are all Practice Clan War (SCRIM) results but even so. When I play a team like NineLegends or Levitacus - the player skill generally rocks my team. FROM THIS PAST EXPERIENCE I RATE ALL AMERICAN CLANS PRETTY DAMN BAD OKAY? Now please prove me wrong Refelct.


By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 19/Oct/06 18:06
pantsu and n44bj were the main fades in knife as well, with the exception of season 3(?) when wltrs faded afaik (I wasn't there most of the time so I'm not sure who was the main fade back then).

No offence, but reading your prediction it's fairly obvious that you haven't watched any TN/nL games. Still a good read though.

Makaveli: Any European number 1 team, at any time throughout the history of NS, would've beaten any American number 1 team on even pings. Shit, you're not even number 1?! Shazaaam.
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 19/Oct/06 18:16
Zamma bragging about PCW results is low man, real low. As for the U.S. bashing- I want to read ben's and zamma's prediction's; not ben's predictions and ben's predictions re-worded slightly differently.

And wtfux ben, vanilla skulks can claim the whole area from WCA to SLoop with consumate ease (vs. LMG marines). A lerk can hold CC, too.

It's true that marines shouldn't try to whore RTs though, the damned things are too spread out.
By: dellor on 19/Oct/06 18:21
You probably did 5-1 dn. Very rarely did we have our starters on at any given time other than match day. And regarding reflect, I don't know what happened before the CAL finals, I just joined them.

And bad ping won't just make you lose the odd round. Bad ping will consistantly screw things up. Early game skulking is horrible with high ping. It makes it way to hard to get the quick para-bite-bite.

Ben: Just bind mwheelup/down +attack. That's basically all the script is.
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 19/Oct/06 18:45
I have a good one, ben, but it's not like I'm going to just give it to you!?
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 19/Oct/06 18:56
hey sherpa nice you can read and understand!

"Regardless they are all Practice Clan War (SCRIM) results but even so. When I play a team like NineLegends or Levitacus - the player skill generally rocks my team. FROM THIS PAST EXPERIENCE I RATE ALL AMERICAN CLANS PRETTY DAMN BAD OKAY? Now please prove me wrong Refelct."

SO IM NOT BRAGGING just showing you my evidence behind my preditctions

GEEZ why are you all so beefheaded?
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 19/Oct/06 18:58
AND to Fana

as I said ive only seen a few TN/nL games. But remember you've hardly been active so I havent been able to see you properly play.
By: dellor on 19/Oct/06 18:59
Hardly "evidence".
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 19/Oct/06 19:11
I have solid evidence all of the so called "Reflect Natural Selection players" are in fact gay.

Better get used to the critique, Zamma, you're doing predictions now -- that means you're the target of all the built up frustration among the premdiv players. No matter what you say, you'll still get the BURN.
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 19/Oct/06 19:12
Not to mention regular "LOL"s and "haha nice prediction"s whenever you miss one of your preds and some team feels their e-status has been compromised.
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 19/Oct/06 20:04
yeah well ns is just drama.
By: UnK- on 19/Oct/06 20:41
I love lamp.
By: ben on 19/Oct/06 21:03
Theres no denying high ping is bad, but if reflect is a better team with even ping, then the individual skill, organisation, teamwork and commanding ability should transfer over to high ping encounters. High ping has not stopped lessthanthree, knife, teameu, teamuk and countless other european teams decimating North American opponents including teamUSWEST which had you on it.

Just don't play like you have 30 ping, you have to allow for a margin of error and adjust your strategy accordingly. If you're skilled like the above teams then it won't phase you too heavily, if you're not able to do this then you're not as good as you claim.

Yeh but I want the actual script can't be arsed to use mousewheel to attack.
By: tjo on 19/Oct/06 22:08
It takes alot of confidence in your team mates and your overall team ability to do that though. Shitloads of confidence.
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 19/Oct/06 22:13
By: Nirgal on 19/Oct/06 22:23
Well well. In front of all these opinions, mine has to be told. In fact, as everyone knows, I r0x. As far as i r0x, i could tell you, or teach you one of the most important things you have ever heard: My own dick is bigger than yours.
By: B1 ( iMAGINE ) on 19/Oct/06 22:32
Lets just see who's the best this season and then you can smack talk all you want (directed to everyone).
By: SplinterSteve ( TROLLS ) on 19/Oct/06 23:10
Look, reflect chokes every season so they brought in mak and I, we'll see how this goes. Who knows at this point? Hellabean makes us go gay, I admit though.
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 19/Oct/06 23:13
ben voted hellabean as the u.s. zamma but i vote steve.
By: SplinterSteve ( TROLLS ) on 20/Oct/06 00:01
you're the euro jmms
By: scratchie on 20/Oct/06 00:05
By: slipknot on 20/Oct/06 01:27
Are there going to be predictions where they just don't say LOL YANKS SUCK LOL?
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 20/Oct/06 01:38
Not until you prove me wrong!
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 20/Oct/06 01:50
+1 to SlipKnot.
By: ben on 20/Oct/06 02:13
Maybe you should read my predictions, moron.
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 20/Oct/06 03:30
You idiot he just said they'd challenge nL to win?? Fucktard.
By: Milo on 21/Oct/06 02:36
By: weezer on 21/Oct/06 15:18
shit guys that really is some serious business :-O
By: sd on 21/Oct/06 23:42
s5 > *
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 22/Oct/06 01:57
s5 can suck my humongous dong.
By: sd on 22/Oct/06 04:04
s5 > your miniscule weiner
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 22/Oct/06 08:14
ttg > all
By: Arj ( Ant ) on 22/Oct/06 21:10
Sherpa.. having bobbi as backup comm, very unlucky :P (we should all be so lucky).

Fana, I remember the debating on wheter Morphz or wltrs fade was better in knife last season, wltrs was one of the best ever seen imo (he sucks now tho :P).

Americans prolly have the better skill and tacs, if only they would stop the rage they might actually stand a chance.

And Sublime, stop being a gay american wannabe rager.
By: tjab0 ( el'pheer ) on 23/Oct/06 06:15
lol you dont call sub a wannabe rager he is pure rage!
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 23/Oct/06 19:59
That's a pretty dumb debate, Arj, considering pantsu and n44bj were our starting Fades in Season 4.

Americans better skill and tactics you're joking?

Actually, I'm just going to consider that entire comment a joke. Nice sarcasm man, didn't quite see it right away. Cracked me up!
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 23/Oct/06 20:00
Also ben and Zamma got mantrained by Reflect.
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 23/Oct/06 20:02
"Good predictions apart from a few factual errors, but that's to be expected. I don't agree with ben stating that Reflect will be our biggest opponent this season though, they might be difficult to beat but the ping disadvantage is really going to shaft them. The three top contenders this season are going to be Levi, nL and T."

Oh shit I got mantrained.
By: aA on 24/Oct/06 01:57
lol fana down.
By: ben on 24/Oct/06 15:36
I stand by my prediction. Not to take anything away from reflects performance but testicules plotted their own down fall when they just nub rushed around as individuals rather than a team for 4 rounds.

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