Week 2 : Beginners Predictions by scratchy & Judas

Here are the predictions for ENSL WEEK 2 for the Beginners Division:

Maps: ns_origin / ns_eclipse_ensl


The 2nd week for the beginners division is again scheduled faster then any division. They didnt have any drama on the past matches and have showed respect for eachother. As expected we saw alien wins only, abit unlucky for CgS, but cG pushed to the last end which rewarded them with a win. Adrenaline and Hells Militia was even more alien based. Every alien had a score of 5-7, 3-4 and 1 fast fade owned it up with 20-3. It was a typical low skilled game. Marines lacked good cover, but I saw some decent marine aim on some guys. I expect to see a lot of development on the marine round this week. Lets see if we can get some marine wins this time.


mPr-crew (0-0-0) vs aDreNaLiNe (0-0-1)

mPr. has a good line-up, querformat is the best member known by fade carry. They have got a new recruitment called GuMMI. This teenager has more experience in clanning then the other members which will be a good marine advantage. They also have 2 funny guys who suppose to be Americans and have 1337 names, tnx decemb9r and ob3n! Adrenaline already played 1 match and has a different tactic. They start with 2 fast fades, 1 rt fade, 1 rt hive, 1 rt onos and one guy dropping 3 mc's at the start of the game. They start crushing marines as soon as 2 fades are up, simply because marines on lower divisions are bad at pushing nodes. Their marine round isnt very good at all. They have no chance of getting map control, but Buenri has a decent aim to kill skulks and lerks with. I think mPr will be able to get 1 marine round by a good pressure early on. Maybe 2.

mPr-crew 3 - 1 aDreNaLiNe



Hells Militia (0-0-1) vs Come Get Some (0-0-1)

After an unlucky draw against aDreNaLiNe, {H|M} will expect a harder fight. Of course they have a good Fade (star_hunter) and good sg aim (for this div), but the opponent CgS is definitely better than aDreNaLiNe. So they have to work harder if they want to win the second match. Both teams got a few new members, and it's debatable whether they made a good choice, to intigrate them in a very new team with just abit of teamplay with more new players. But we will see. CgS got a good Commander/Lerk (Scratchy) and a good Fade (oma,MagMa). I expect a hard match and hope we could see one rine win with good or bad starting hives. Either way, both teams have good changces of winning the match.

Hells Militia 1 - 3 Come Get Some

B1 on 20 October 06 03:51

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By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 20/Oct/06 09:18
nice preds! gj scratchie + judas.
By: Iots ( el'pheer ) on 20/Oct/06 10:21
I kinda liked these. Weird. Hope the quality is inflected to other divisions.
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 20/Oct/06 16:46
Shudnt really give away enemies tactics publically tho - kinda ruins it :p
By: scratchie on 20/Oct/06 17:26
ye to much info. :) I was strugling with rewriting that part.
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 21/Oct/06 01:47
Beginner's Division has shown some example for others, like arranging matches in time and being um.. less dramatic!

ps. GJ Scratchy and Judas. Forgot to upload the preds.
By: Johs on 21/Oct/06 05:47
Scratchy likes himself too much. Not hard to see in the preds :D
By: oma ( vetus ) on 21/Oct/06 20:38

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