Week 2 : 2nd Division Predictions - by Entropi

Here are the predictions for ENSL WEEK 2 for the 2nd Division:

Maps: ns_origin / ns_eclipse_ensl


Last weeks matches didn't show us much, other than el'pheer's inactivity of course. This second week will hopefully show us who really has a chance of winning the 2nd division and who doesn't. This is also going to be the week, where we euros are going to find out if those yanks, in division 2, got what it takes. Both american teams are facing euro clans in this second week match-up.


Invicta (0-0-1) vs Rainbow (1-0-0)

Most of Invicta's players have been playing together for a long time now in clans like kec and own?. They have a great understanding of the game and most of the time good teamwork. Lately though, they seem to have lost much of their good teamwork and co-ordination. At least that's what I have seen in the last few pcws I have spectated. It might have been caused by their inactivity before ENSL and the fact that the core members haven't played togheter for a while. I would be surprised if Invicta win a marine round in this match and I think they should be more than happy if they win both alien rounds.

Rainbow is at the moment one of the favorites to win division 2. With those players it looks like they have a strong alien round and with Buggeh as commander, a decent marine round (ROFL KANOFL a commander that can lerk too?! That’s like 2 in 1!). Their only problem might be that they are not active enough. Cassidy really managed to get a team where he is not even needed. So Cassidy get your popcorns and spectate your team in ENSL! I think this will end up being 3-1 to Rainbow or 2-2 if Invicta plays good.

Rainbow 3-1 Invicta


Good Luck Fuck You (0-1-0) vs el'pheer (0-1-0)

Why predict a match that's not going to happen? It's still a wonder to me why el'pheer joined ENSL while being inactive. Clans like that just ruins the ENSL in my opinion...


Keen Edge (1-0-0) vs PreVerT (0-0-1)

With the new players Keen Edge has acquired, they seem to have overcome the problems they had in their marine and alien rounds. However, they are still not consistent enough in my opinion, so something might go wrong in 1 of their 2 marine rounds. I am pretty sure they can win 3 rounds at least though.

I don’t know much about Prevert and american clans in general, but from what I have heard they love base-rushing as alien and that might give them the chance to steal a round from Keen Edge... or maybe they win both alien rounds... I don’t know what these yanks can do. :P

Keen Edge 3-1 Prevert


Pirate (0-0-1) vs !mpulsive (0-0-1)

I only know Pirate from the few pcws I have played against them. Their alien teamplay is on a really high level. Especially in the early game. They are really good at defending their nodes and going in togheter when they attack. I wish I could say the same thing about their marine, but it lacks commanding experience and teamwork, so I dont expect them to win any of the marine rounds.

Another american clan I don’t know. Oh well they played 2-2 against prevert, so I guess they have just about the same alien skill level as any other decent division 2 clan and they wont need anymore to win against Pirates weak marine rounds. But Like I've said before, you never know about the yanks. :)

Pirate 2-2 !mpulsive

B1 on 22 October 06 03:42

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By: xassidy on 22/Oct/06 03:53
i would really like to... bigbanana but probably i wont be able to... bad or good thing? (i was always good at taking ppl to my clan xD)
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 22/Oct/06 04:38
yea well thats pretty accurate and true in most cases. Our teamwork is pretty appauling so our early game is a shambles... oh well... hopefully we can bring it back!
By: Iots ( el'pheer ) on 22/Oct/06 09:15
Heh, kind of late predictions, any possibility to get the next week's predictions abit earlier?

Good job with these. Quite correct on all accounts, even tho the lack of knowledge about our fellow americans. But hey, maybe next week we know more. :p
By: scratchie on 22/Oct/06 15:46
Game on!

nice english entropi!;) an preds ofcourse
By: Johs on 22/Oct/06 21:42
Haha csm helped me a bit with the gramma ;)
By: atman on 23/Oct/06 00:48
By: Tweadle on 23/Oct/06 01:36
By: Johs on 23/Oct/06 22:22
haha I must admit I got owned... for ones ^^
By: atman on 24/Oct/06 02:56
By: scratchie on 24/Oct/06 15:10
lol xD
By: ReD on 24/Oct/06 17:51
gg dane boy :(
By: Tweadle on 25/Oct/06 04:10

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