Week 5 : Premier League Predictions by ben

Prediction Update:

d00rkn0b has been good enough to write a Xensity-Nine Legends prediction. It offers a much-needed American perspective on a trans-atlantic match. See below.

ENSL Update:

  • Referees can now see a red square in the calendar, indicating that there is a match witout a ref. Click on the day and "Take" to find out which match/time.

  • Also added a NS Steam background made by HiVeFiSh in the "Customization" Menu, for those of you who are tired of the original or knifegaming pack. To install it, simply copy everyhing into your ns/resource/background folder. "view screenshot"

    Here are the predictions for ENSL WEEK 5 for the Premier League.

    Maps: ns_tanith / ns_orbital


    Unfortunately the predicting team seems to have suffered the loss of Zamma.

    This is a heavy blow to us, unimaginable, how we will we re-coop I do not know. I ask for your patience in our time of mourning as I attempt to fill the void left by him. RIP.

    As weeks go, week 5 was an embarrassment. I'm going to pitch an idea to you guys here, this is aimed at no one in particular. LEVITACUS. This is supposed to be a fun league, the game is practically dead and we've just lost team #3 in 5 weeks. Do. Not. Forfeit. Munger. For. Fucks. Sake. We did however get to see the much-anticipated nL vs Reflect match that saw nL win 4-0. Their place in the final is almost totally guaranteed now unless 2 of xen, reflect and levitacus win 4-0 in their remaining match.

    This week we're down to just 2 matches, apparently writing predictions for that many is too much for some people however, so just the one set of predictions for you today.

    Finally, www.ninelegends.com for more community news.


    Nine Legends (2-0-0) vs Xensity (0-1-1)
    Impact Players:
    Nine Legends: wltrs (Wallhacking), sherpa (Speedhacking)
    Xensity: Arctic Joe (Fade)

    Ninelegends (nL), in my opinion is probably the best NS team left in the world. Last week they squared up against big hitting Americano's: Reflect, and easily came up trumps. In their marine round on tanith there was a slight hint that maybe it wouldn't be a clean sweep but some excellent node control and a good decision to siege before Reflect could recover some control, rather than hold for HA paid dividends.

    Xensity got their second forfeit of the season to the now departed testicules. We've not really seen much of them this season and I've not been able to find demos from their match vs Levitacus. That being said, considering the quality of their opponent and their results so far I think I can comfortably say:

    Ninelegends 4 Xensity 0.


    Reflect (1-1-0) vs Levitacus (0-1-1)
    Impact Players:
    Reflect: Makaveli (Fade, Marine), Splinter Steve (Marine, Lerk)
    Levitacus: Tane (Marine, Skulk), Inva (Fade)

    Reflect had a very solid start to the season taking 10 rounds and only dropping 2 but they became undone against the Nine Legends machine. It's unfortunate that they have the ping disadvantage and it prevented them for making the match any closer because nL walked away with it very easily. For me this was something of an underperformance by them and I was hoping for a closer match. Hopefully they can pick up some of the form that saw them take 7/8 rounds to EU opponents.

    Levitacus have been really weak this season and their decision to not allow flatline to play with their new players was very disappointing. All this being said though they have a chance to get into the finals here. Given that nL will probably stomp Xensity into the floor, the team that wins this will be going into the final. Levitacus could recapture some lost form and take a 3-1. But I've been saying that all season, I don't see it happening. Reflect vs Ninelegends in the final.

    Reflect 3 Levitacus 1



    Nine Legends (2-0-0) vs Xensity (0-1-1)
    Impact Players:
    Nine Legends: fana (prostar), aA (tank)
    Xensity: enigma` (marine, fade); phantom (asian aimboat)

    Xensity is an incredibly skilled team, but sometimes that skill can get the better of them.
    I've seen them completely dominate, and then get dominated by that same team the next round.
    We all know there's growing pains when you form a new team, and xensity is having their fair share
    of them, to say the least. Without a (solid) after lerk losing steve to reflect, it's really put a damper
    on their alien round; and not having a (solid) commander has done the same for their marine.
    They've definately got the skill to tie or 3-1 nL, but in all honesty I don't see it happening.

    As for ninelegends, some of my favourite European players/funny vent men. There's no lack of skill
    within, there's no lack of teamwork within either. I've commanded every single player in this team
    save sherpa and maybe another and it just amazes me what one of their marines can do to 3-4 skulks; for example it takes all of 2 meds for Fana to destroy an entire alien team rushing him.

    I see nL 4-0 xen; unless xen gets the teamwork and communication down.
  • B1 on 09 November 06 08:47

    History | Comments: 24


    By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 09/Nov/06 08:59
    Good jorb.

    www.nineLegends.com for extra predictions -- well, more of a division overview but still.

    I''m not playing this week so we''ll obviously lose 0-4.
    By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 09/Nov/06 09:05
    You can ammo pack the obs hive on orbital even if there''s a hive there gg.
    By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 09/Nov/06 09:38
    good predictions, i say levitacus 2-2 reflect.
    By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 09/Nov/06 09:39
    So you think Xen will beat us then eh?! If they don''t the result of Levitacus vs. Reflect can''t be 2-2.
    By: Nirgal on 09/Nov/06 09:44
    Can''t understand how a team can prefer taking a default win when another solution exists, and causing the departure of a team by so.
    Kind of ridiculous...
    It''s not aimed to anyone in particular.
    Just a thought i had this morning.
    By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 09/Nov/06 09:50
    everyone can beat you lol.
    By: Invasion on 09/Nov/06 09:50
    keep putting Tane to the impact player list, when he''s playing with his old 30fps supercomputer.
    By: Scale on 09/Nov/06 11:24
    Evil Levitacus!!!! CURSE THEM!!!
    By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 09/Nov/06 12:34
    Last time I checked, frG, sym couldn''t. c|8-D-z-<|:

    Scale: If you can''t even understand why people are flaming you, then you really need a reality check.
    By: ben on 09/Nov/06 12:42
    These preds suck.

    No really they do. Sorry!
    By: Tane ( Saunamen ) on 09/Nov/06 12:45
    I still dont see any immoral in our decision. I think pure mercing is much more harmful to this league than forcing opponet to play with their origin rosters.
    By: jiriki ( old people ) on 09/Nov/06 13:10
    Yeh good preds etc. but ben:

    Have fun watching. :P
    By: weezer on 10/Nov/06 06:07
    all this drama in an online community of about 150 people. the internet really is serious business...

    or maybe someone just needs a reality check?
    By: Xur ( Netherlands ) on 10/Nov/06 07:03
    koekje erbij?
    By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 10/Nov/06 08:26
    Likely words from a player of a clan who forced a forefeit.

    Heys guys it''s only the internet- let''s all go install a wallhack and aimbot, ja?

    I''ll even PM you my personal speedhack.
    By: ben on 10/Nov/06 09:54
    No xensity really don''t have the skill to 3-1 nL.
    By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 10/Nov/06 11:08
    You''re all shit noobs go back home polool
    By: weezer on 10/Nov/06 11:49
    wow, how did i not see that one coming. do whatever you like, i honestly don''t care. if you don''t see that this, all of this, is just one tiny little corner of the internet which in itself is one huge joke then you really need that reality check.
    By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 10/Nov/06 14:43
    we are not a tiny little corner, we are in the middle of the big internet pool, and we keep growing!
    By: do0rkn0b ( MARKER ) on 10/Nov/06 21:22
    They really do ben, they really do. The thing is though, the lack of communication and teamwork really don''t hold up well when you go against players that have been playing together for a long long time.
    By: B1 ( iMAGINE ) on 11/Nov/06 09:53
    nice addition door, cept fana won''t be playing :P
    By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 11/Nov/06 10:22
    And nobody commands me.
    By: scratchie on 12/Nov/06 13:35
    ye n1 addition, we needed more american predictors
    By: narc on 12/Nov/06 13:59
    <h1> hi2u !!!!!

    im rly bored ~~~~

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