BoS vs pitchfork tie-breake match.

Today pitchfork won 2-0 against BoS in first tie-break in division 3.

First round pf were in aliens and started with cargo hive. They builded nodes in c12 and pipe. BoS manage to rush it with sg team and kill both nodes and lerk. In meantime pf put some nice pressure on rts. Finaly in 6th minute BoS builded pg in pipe and rushed hive. Fade, Gorge on top of Hive and lack of marine upgreades let hive grow up. Marienes went back and get new pg in system and started to camp on rts. They were on way to heavies when 2 skulks rushed base and killed armory. Soon onos was up and x-man recycled the base.

The second round was most funny round i ever saw in ensl. Marines rushed with shottys to hive, killed 4 aliens and the hive. 2 skulks dystroyed ip, comm chair, armory and killed commander. Soon they went lerks and the fun have started. After like 5 minutes one lerk and one marine were dead. After next 10 minutes of playing hide and seek last alien was killed by shotgun.

pitchfork is now going to play against newstyled for place in finals.

Elvisq on 22 November 06 22:41

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By: smokealot on 22/Nov/06 22:54
our marine round was seriously well funny :D

i didnt even think of dropping another cc, i blame it on not having res for it

By: scratchie on 22/Nov/06 23:19
By: atman on 22/Nov/06 23:22
i have them

frg seem to be afk - is there anyone else i can send the demos to for upload at this site?
By: Skulkinator on 22/Nov/06 23:57
By: smokealot on 23/Nov/06 00:35
By: Jimmis on 23/Nov/06 00:42
By: scratchie on 23/Nov/06 02:25
lol you marines where bunch of pussies in system waypoint
By: smokealot on 23/Nov/06 05:05
its called "tactical camping" !!!!!
By: GoUrAnG on 23/Nov/06 09:10
i blame x-man
By: tomes on 23/Nov/06 10:45
omg. i didn''t play and BoS lost his chance to play in the final.
By: tomes on 23/Nov/06 14:20
gj pitfchfork. xman & gourang sux.
By: SpaceMarine on 23/Nov/06 17:37
basically I blame x-man ;] but heck - SHIT HAPPENS! We''ll do better next time ;]
By: Micke ( Perfect Peckers ) on 23/Nov/06 18:29
Is it nice to teamf to have to play in finals, even if they get more points than everyone else? (There is still one match left for them)
By: Micke ( Perfect Peckers ) on 23/Nov/06 19:00
I mean: It is nice to not let teamF play in the finals even if they get more points than the rest?
By: atman on 23/Nov/06 20:51

lol i broke the site with my long filename ._.
By: Maxx on 23/Nov/06 22:49
Micke, they are playing in the finals, this is the tiebreaker to determine who their opponent will be.
Or if they happen to lose against AFK (which is unlikely) thy winner of the tiebraker will win the div.
By: Micke ( Perfect Peckers ) on 24/Nov/06 02:49
Ah, I read "pitchfork is now going to play against newstyled in finals." :D
By: smokealot on 24/Nov/06 04:37
no Micke, pitchfork and newstyle play for the place in the finals, as team fantasy will more likely win against afk.ns.

got it?

By: Micke ( Perfect Peckers ) on 24/Nov/06 10:34
Yea, got it last post ;)

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