Map List and Rules Announced

Howdy folks,

Firstly, about the schedule. The signups will close on Sunday 11th February at 18CET, which is a one and half weeks from now. Secondly, we are still searching for Referees. If you think you you have what it takes to be one, contact stewy.

The final map list and rules have been decided. If you find any grammar mistakes or other weirdos in the rules, just pm me.

To save you the massive trouble clicking the links, I will show you the biggest updates. Firstly we will be using group system which is explained below:

Group Stages
The whole league will begin with Group Stages. There will be about two divisions, with two groups (Group A and B) in each division. The sizes of groups and amount of divisions will depend on the number of teams signed up. In the Group Stages each team will play one 2-map match against every other team in their group per week. Maps in the group stage depend on the week according to the map list. For each division, the Group Stage will last as long as there are matches for each team to play (eg. 5 teams = 4 matches per team = 4 weeks). During the Group Stage, all winning rounds will be counted as points. 1 round = 1 point.

Semi-Finals will begin straight after all Group Stage have finished, not sooner or later. In Semi-Finals, in each division, the team with most points in Group A will play against the team with second most points in Group B and vice versa. Both teams will choose one map for the match, and therefore 2 maps will be played. Any map in the official map list is accepted.

After the Semi-Finals, winners of those matches will face each other in Final Stage which decides the Division Winner. Premiere Division winner will be the official ENSL Champion.

The map list looks now as follows. Note that ns_origin version may change due map updates and since it might be included in the next ns version.

Also the files have been updated with new configuration file for server admins and referees, new ns_origin and new CAL plugin.

Also if you would like to add a server for this list we would appreciate. Just pm me or any other admin and he will add your server to the list. And like it says, it doesn't commit you to anything. People just can pm the contact person whenever they need a server for an ENSL match, and you may or may not give it.

Sign up and don't forget to tick the "Want to play Next Season" box. =)

jiriki on 01 February 07 01:52

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By: Pitman360 ( Keen Edge ) on 01/Feb/07 03:57
ooo lucid
By: HtOkrbAttOuSa on 01/Feb/07 06:19
You mean february?
By: Johs on 01/Feb/07 10:40
Is that maplist in random order or is eclipese the first map to be played?
By: Elvisq ( Team Four ) on 01/Feb/07 11:19
its alphabetical order xD
By: Johs on 01/Feb/07 11:51
lol xman I own you in posts!
By: Elvisq ( Team Four ) on 01/Feb/07 12:16
dreams xD
By: scratchie on 01/Feb/07 12:22
Howdiee HO , lets get in 0n!
By: scratchie on 01/Feb/07 12:24
are there gonna be predictors again?
By: Bacillus ( Quaxy ) on 01/Feb/07 14:12
The maplist is looking great.
By: zhadow on 01/Feb/07 14:27
orbital :< omg im going get lost again at that map G_G
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 01/Feb/07 15:00
Sooo basically ENSL = GamingOrb. Not that I have any problems with it.

Will the groups be seeded?
By: ben on 01/Feb/07 15:28
I might do predictions again if wanted. To be honest though I got pissed off last time because I was just doing them on my own because zamma fails at time management. Anyone up for it?
By: Elvisq ( Team Four ) on 01/Feb/07 15:46
yup ben
By: Nirgal on 01/Feb/07 17:21
nice map cyle
lucid and orbital will allow some interesting matchs imo.
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 01/Feb/07 22:01
ben - im sorry i have a life and was doing exams at the time. Next time ill fail my exams and just leave school. I mean unlike some people ben I aim a little higher then just getting B's C's and D's in GCSEs. Nice portfolio btw.
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 01/Feb/07 23:04
How are the groups decided?

It's usually nice to make things random, but I think the ENSL is too small to do this. The top 2 Euro teams in the same division would mean the other people in the group may as well just fold.

I think admins should assign teams to groups, FIFA football rankings-style. IMO.
By: ben on 01/Feb/07 23:17
Bull-fucking-shit. Predictions took 20 minutes to write and like fuck were you out every night or revising and unable to spare that time. You just lack time fucking management. It's not a terrible crime, don't make out like you never sat there and did nothing when you were too busy. As for having a life, don't even go there with me.
By: Elvisq ( Team Four ) on 02/Feb/07 01:38
sherpa - don't worry about it - that would be balanced
By: 360ms on 02/Feb/07 03:37
In gaming orb a lot of matches went unplayed because the teams who were quite a long stretch below in 'rating' didn't think their was any point.

Also, when teams have a run of playing teams with far more EXPERIENCE than themselves they can be descouraged to continue.

Obviously this all depends on the teams mind set and so on but I'd like to hope all teams were encouraged to feel welcome into the community and helped along when they lack experience.

It'll be nice to have a change though, unfortunately you don't get many suprises in these balanced divisions.. where as the old system created a loads.
By: Scale on 02/Feb/07 13:57
Every played matches gives 1 point so when some team forfeits that team will get 0 points SO normal 4-0 win will be 5-1 and forfeited 5-0, This system could be fine. It will courage ppl to play matches that they know that they will lose. So more examples. Team A and Team B have a match.. Team A showed up in a time and they wait for Team B to come. Then Team B doesnt come and Team A gets forfeit. So Because Team A has tried to play the match they get that +1 point from playing match and beucause Team B didnt they will get 0 points. So 5-0 for Team A. E2 Team A and B both showed up. Then Team B wins 3 rounds and Team A only 1. Then the scores will be 4-2 for Team B
By: 360ms on 02/Feb/07 21:29
The fact you get a point for showing up is very useful. Only time will tell.
By: Sharpi on 03/Feb/07 20:32
if teams get even scores, put clans with won round points higher than one with forfeits ? you dont need any extrapointsystems for that
By: Lugh on 03/Feb/07 21:40
not really coz it isnt the fault of the forfeiting team
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 03/Feb/07 21:57
"if teams get even scores, put clans with won round points higher than one with forfeits ? you dont need any extrapointsystems for that"

Well you got it wrong. The system was meant to encourage playing matches, not solving ties. But it seems we aren't using so w/e.
By: Sharpi on 04/Feb/07 20:03
how bout, kick forfeitters and turn them to newts, thats should teach them whos Teh Big Fat here
By: ben on 05/Feb/07 21:15
How about we put all the smack talking division 2 teams in with the premier clans and if they lose they get their shoutbox privelages revoked?
By: Sharpi on 06/Feb/07 01:19
sounds like a plan
By: Elvisq ( Team Four ) on 06/Feb/07 11:34
its not a plan its a fact!
By: ZiGGY on 06/Feb/07 16:37
we need to brighten up the place with duke nukem quotes
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 06/Feb/07 18:12
Come get some
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 06/Feb/07 20:13
We need to brighten the place up with Ziggy's entrails.
By: ZiGGY on 07/Feb/07 01:52
By: Invasion on 07/Feb/07 11:42
Ben, that's the best idea I've heard for a while ;D

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