Natural Selection 3.2 Final is out!

Hello guys,

NS 3.2 Final version is out as the NS main page says. Direct link to the 3.2 client is here. Currently NSRadio is live. Tune in by clicking this.

Will 3.2 Final be used for upcoming ENSL games?
Gameplay changes being quite small, yes it is being used.

Addition to this, there will be Team Europe vs Team North America match this Saturday 21CET. HLTV will be: and the lineup for Team Europe is as following: Peach (com), Tane, zharp, Fana, pantsu, dux, aA. The roster is still ought to change as we get to contact some other candidates. As this is for 3.2 release, it shouldn't matter that this team hasn't seen one single pcw yet! Fresh out of the box.

EDIT: The actual date of the match is 21CET.

jiriki on 03 March 07 03:17

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By: dugi on 03/Mar/07 03:50
gayest team europe ever
By: ZoR on 03/Mar/07 03:55
Cant wait :)
By: ZiGGY on 03/Mar/07 08:01
By: aA on 03/Mar/07 10:24
la dramma del doogie
By: SplinterSteve ( TROLLS ) on 03/Mar/07 13:12
team na will consist of what ever six players are on by chance

By: w4lt3r on 03/Mar/07 13:34
great news =)
By: ben on 03/Mar/07 14:33
I nominate tripas for teameu because he's suddenly became a shit hot marine!
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 03/Mar/07 14:48
i have looked into my crystal ball:

euros win 4-0 and america says "lol we didnt try"/"lol hungover"/"lol only cos we play cs now"/"lol no-one plays this game anymore"
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 03/Mar/07 15:03
No that's what they're gonna say when I go 20-0 with knife only.
By: GoUrAnG on 03/Mar/07 15:55
but you wont
By: howdeh ( minions ) on 03/Mar/07 17:03
lol k fana :>
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 03/Mar/07 18:15
Trust me, I will.
By: d- on 03/Mar/07 19:55
No, you wont.
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 03/Mar/07 20:42
Dude, I will.
By: aA on 03/Mar/07 21:20
no, you won't.
By: dugi on 03/Mar/07 21:39
I will, seriously.
By: Elvisq ( Team Four ) on 03/Mar/07 21:49
not doogie please!
By: SplinterSteve ( TROLLS ) on 03/Mar/07 23:28
my crystal ball says a server crash or a bugged medpack and you'll whine for a restart ^^
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 04/Mar/07 01:42
my crystal ball says we baserush and you pretend the obs was bugged and whine for a restart

oh wait
By: SplinterSteve ( TROLLS ) on 04/Mar/07 03:42
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 04/Mar/07 05:00
ggs. Demos:
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 04/Mar/07 13:05
Egg on my face for how well America's mid-game was on marine veil. My mate "The Doc" and Makaveli played really well.

Having said that- why did our veil oni not attack anything until JPs were given out? We were way too defensive on tanith (our cara fade aggroing 2 lvl 0 LMGers in chem/acidic but not attacking them?) then madly aggressive and wasteful with our lifeforms on veil.

BUT it's soooo easy to criticise when spectating. WP to the guys for a solid win- especially Fana's marining, Peach's comming and Tane's skulking.

Let's hope you guys can kill the EU-NA argument once and for all next time with 2 rounds on an NA server.
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 04/Mar/07 14:39
wait... im hearing it was 4-4? didnt it finish after veil?
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 04/Mar/07 14:59
Basically we didnt win because I wasnt there.
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 04/Mar/07 16:29
We lost 1-3 on the american server, after zharp and Tane left and got replaced by Pizza. It was pretty gay though, with 3 people on 180+ ping. It's basically forfeiting alien rounds because you need 5 bites to kill anything with that ping.

You people should stop advertising this as a EU vs. NA game, when it was really just a fun game between two mixes.
By: Hammond ( coolclan ) on 04/Mar/07 18:20
uh, zharp didn't go anywhere.
By: aA on 04/Mar/07 19:23
By: d- on 04/Mar/07 20:03
LOL I SO SPEC HACKED. Fucking idiots.
By: scratchie on 04/Mar/07 20:58
By: aA on 05/Mar/07 00:11
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 05/Mar/07 00:19
Actually you're right, dux left not zharp. Good job inspector Pizza.
By: Hammond ( coolclan ) on 05/Mar/07 00:24
..dux didn't leave either. pantsu, aA and Tane were MIA
By: Hammond ( coolclan ) on 05/Mar/07 00:25
what a lousy leader you are :(
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 05/Mar/07 01:21
Shut up.
By: Tripas on 05/Mar/07 03:38
By: ZiGGY on 05/Mar/07 17:04
"You people should stop advertising this as a EU vs. NA game, when it was really just a fun game between two mixes"
QFT, I just wish the ameritard saw it the same way, they kinda shut after you beat em in the first round on that USWest server though :P
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 05/Mar/07 20:40
They actually agree with me that it wasn't a real EU vs. NA game, or at the ones I talked to did. It's just Milo trolling, which is easily ignored anyway.
By: ben on 05/Mar/07 20:41
he's not even good at it
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 05/Mar/07 20:41
*or the ones I talked to did at least.

God damnit.
By: d- on 06/Mar/07 03:19
Teach him how to troll, ben.
By: ben on 06/Mar/07 05:17
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 06/Mar/07 07:30
That is a good phrase, I concur.
By: Milo on 09/Mar/07 21:04
so that indeed was a good eu vs NA match

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