Rules modification & maps

Due to popular demand, the minimal rates have been lowered, and we're enforcing screenshots through the CAL plugin:
- Rates : Players should always (including during server tests) have these values :
rate : between 7000 and 25000
cl_updaterate: between 30 and 101
cl_cmdrate: between 30 and 101
If a player uses different values during the match, the plugin will kick him; he may get a suspension from the league (1 week minimum).
- Every match has to be played on a server which has the CAL plugin. If you can't find a server with it, the match will be rescheduled. If you play your match on a server without the plugin, you will take a double forfeit.
- Your clanleader has to send the screenshots the plugin took, in JPEG format and archived in ZIP or RAR, to your referee, or the admin you're reporting the score to. If you haven't send your screenshots 24 hours after the match, the players that didn't give their screenshots will get a 3 weeks suspension.
- Any attempt to register a suspended player under a new name to make him play with you despite the suspension, if discovered, will get your clan kicked from the league.
- Configuration of the server :
mp_tournamentmode 1
mp_friendlyfire 1
mp_consistency 1
mp_timelimit 999
mp_blockscripts 1
sv_minrate 7000
sv_maxrate 25000
sv_minupdaterate 30
sv_maxupdaterate 101
cal_min_rate 7000
cal_max_rate 25000
cal_min_updaterate 30
cal_max_updaterate 101
cal_info_time 3.0
cal_screenshots 1
If those values are not enforced during the match, there could be consequences, depending on the context (who has the rcon, who owns the server, was there a referee...).

Indeed, the CAL staff (great thanks to them) allowed us to use their server plugin in the league. Basically, it checks the rate & cl_updaterate values, and takes screenshots sometimes when you die. Regular players don't need it, it is a serverside plugin. You can download the file calnscfg_v1.1.rar from the CAL-ns website. Just extract the file in the ns/ directory of your server: it will install by itself metamod, amx, and the plugin (it will invalidate any previous metamod/amx installation, if you have one you'll have to figure out another way to install it; remember though that gameplay plugins won't be tolerated in matches). Then, create a file named ensl.cfg containing all the vars listed in the rules. Once this done, your server is ready for an ENSL match! Remember to put the cal_ values at 0 in your regular server.cfg if you want the plugin inactive the rest of the time.

The maplist is almost done. There will be 10 maps played. The first 9 maps are:
Some of those maps are either unpopular or just never played; the reason we took them is to force clans to train on new maps, and to offer spectators great games on maps they never saw a match on. The first week will be played on tanith & lost, so be prepared. The last map will be chosen by a vote on the forum, between ayumi, mineshaft and orbital. For those who don't know orbital, it's an unofficial map played in CAL, also available on the CAL-ns website. You can vote on this page.

Naxo on 10 May 05 03:33

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By: tjo on 10/May/05 09:37
The sv_minupdaterate is 50, while the ca_min_updaterate is 30. Typo?
By: csm on 10/May/05 11:35
By: Naxo on 10/May/05 12:26
Just forgot the server configuration part... Well let's say I was drunk or something.
By: PoMMe on 10/May/05 15:43
"As usual" ?
By: themadprocessor on 13/May/05 12:43
ah well, we,ve all got bad habits dont we.

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