ENSL 8th Season Signups Closed & Week 1


The 8th ENSL Season signups have now been closed. The division tables can be seen here. The Season will last 9 weeks now with 2 divisions with this schedule and maps. Join our Steam Community to stay informed; I have heard some have mistaken about the week so our schedule page there will be useful.

Week 1 starts now, please schedule your matches.

In this season, we are allowing forfeit replay. This is however only possible if both teams agree, so the team with forfeit is on the other's mercy. Of course sporsmanship is encouraged. However, if you don't show up on the default time (Sunday 20CEST) of the week of the match, you cannot claim forfeit later on. This aroused a lot of confusion in the last season, so every team is now encouraged to take the forfeit just in case, and to pressure the other team to participate.

Important: If a team receives 2 consecutive forfeits, another team with atleast 8 signed up players may take their place in their next match if they won't be able to yield players in that match with. There will be dropouts very likely so making new teams during the season is not bad idea at all.

Remember, on the first week, player join delay does not apply.

jiriki on 14 October 07 20:04

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By: Admirable ( coolclan ) on 14/Oct/07 22:12
Damn I thought this didn't start until next week! FUCK :D

I think you are a bit off with the divisions mate!
I would far rather see 3 divisions where the skills are more evenly balanced.

I think there is too big a gap between CRAB/Russia/Quaxy and Sprogga/Flatline/Sauna/DU.

I mean no offence to anyone but I could almost guarentee none of the former stand a chance of winning that division.

The quality of games will not be consistent at all.

And even in the 2nd Division sR and Kiez all have much more experience than the other teams.

How about something like...

Div 1:

Div 2:

Div 3:
NS Force

I understand this will shorter season, but this actually a good thing because you currently intend to have the season run into the Christmas period which is very bad considering many players are in full-time education and that is a big exam and moving period.

So in summary I feel 3 division would create:

1. More consistent games for respective skill\experience levels. Where any team has a fairly equal chance of winning their division.

2. Fewer forfeits as the season will not drag out until Christmas.

3. World peace! :)

By: Tweadle on 14/Oct/07 23:12
i'd like it but for the fact that div1 only get to play 3 games ¬.¬
By: Admirable ( coolclan ) on 14/Oct/07 23:14
Yeah well bump 1 clan up each division.

But I can't decide ^_^

Preferably not CRAB BATTLE!!! as we are big scaredy cats!
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 15/Oct/07 04:21
Admirables, yes but you might want to participate in the conversation *before* the season starts. I'm not going to change it anymore. People whined about getting two divisions and now they have it.
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 15/Oct/07 10:00
atleast lets try it is what jiriki is saying in more positive words!
By: NsN on 15/Oct/07 10:25
By: premium on 15/Oct/07 11:23
I'm really anxious to see this season. gl all!
By: Alatriste on 15/Oct/07 12:46
Experience? I am in ns.search since weeks and i only see 3-4 clan active atm.

Please stop whines.Experience of Crab? WTF?

I am in ns competition since 2.0 PLX i dont would to play in 2nd!!! I AM PRO FAG CPL WTFOMG
By: Alatriste on 15/Oct/07 12:48
On behalf of MiaU ! MiaU ! 0 - 4 Evil | 01/01/1970



By: JetJagusaurus on 15/Oct/07 13:29
DU gonna win div 1, lolz
By: smokealot on 15/Oct/07 13:39
ppl were not whining about 2 divs, ppl were suggesting it.

i like the 2 divs, not every team got a chance of winning its div anymore but a good midfield place is also something u can try to achieve :d

and for me having 7-8 games feels more like a season than 2-4 games at max. u can allllways win a alien round vs. anyone with some practice! :D

happy season everybody
By: bp on 15/Oct/07 14:02
last night the diiiijay saved my LIFE
By: Arj ( Ant ) on 15/Oct/07 14:32
Looking good, don't worry Ad, we can take rounds from the upper level div 1 as you call it, just not likely to win those :).

You wanna be champ or somethin? :P
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 15/Oct/07 14:39
"ppl were not whining about 2 divs, ppl were suggesting it. "
Yes that was what I meant, sorry for the confusion.
By: Admirable ( coolclan ) on 15/Oct/07 16:03
I must have missed that rigorous debate!

Finn Conspiracy I tells ya :|

Admirable </3 jiriki

Muhfuckin CRAB BATTLE!!! is comin bitches!
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 15/Oct/07 18:47
Last update to brackets, replaced DU with T2K and removed them from div2
By: Meyfarth on 15/Oct/07 19:31
No prediction this year?
By: Arj ( Ant ) on 16/Oct/07 08:35
I predict T2K will get 0 round wins this season.

Something like that Mey? :P
By: Meyfarth on 16/Oct/07 08:56
Hmmm no, like "Impact player : Meyfarth, Arj, Admirable, Ots, Nirgal, Marmotte, Zared ..."

By: P3anut on 16/Oct/07 21:08
Arj every time you talk it has me thinking ur a faggot or just a big pussy

(Yes, I have said these words before but he just doesn't get it through his head)
By: marmotte on 17/Oct/07 07:59
By: Meyfarth on 17/Oct/07 09:23
P3anut GROS CON.
By: Admirable ( coolclan ) on 17/Oct/07 11:34
Je porte une barbe! C'est tres beau!
By: Arj ( Ant ) on 17/Oct/07 12:19
Your dick has nice fantasies, fantasies they will remain.
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 17/Oct/07 12:24
By: Meyfarth on 17/Oct/07 15:30
LOL Admi, tu es barbu !
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 17/Oct/07 16:15

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