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Still three days left to get your teams registered for ENSL Season 9.
To cajole you all into playing I am confirming that I will return as predictor extraordinaire!

I think we've all been playing online games long enough to realise that we are all just a bunch of normal guys and gals...


The following pictures prove that online gamers are mentally unsound...

...jiriki's Christmas present to me...

...crazed Irishman basking in the glory.


Admirable on 11 January 08 14:24

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By: Nde ( Saunamen ) on 11/Jan/08 14:27
Nice present xDD
By: marmotte on 11/Jan/08 14:44
By: GreeN ( cisequaltothree ) on 11/Jan/08 15:04
what's that mug for? holding potatoes?
By: Admirable ( coolclan ) on 11/Jan/08 15:09
I'd rather have a LOLMUG than a Night Cup!
By: Tweadle on 11/Jan/08 15:49
Which mug are we talking about? :D
By: Nova on 11/Jan/08 17:59
Hahha nice one.
Wash your teeth sometimes, please.
By: Admirable ( coolclan ) on 11/Jan/08 18:07
Will Photoshop my dental work next time...
Or perhaps brush my teeth!
By: Maledikt on 11/Jan/08 18:19
lol truly epic gift Ad
By: howdeh ( minions ) on 11/Jan/08 19:19
By: GuiZ on 11/Jan/08 19:52
gg admi won.
Just forfeit against CB or new pictures 'll be release.
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 11/Jan/08 20:33
Gj admirable you deserve it! Now you can tell all your friends how u got that mug ahahaha...

Also whats up with ur emo fringe xP
By: Scale on 11/Jan/08 21:05
By: 360ms on 11/Jan/08 21:07
I feel sick :X
By: CraZyIvan on 11/Jan/08 21:14
legen, wait for it ........ dary
By: GreeN ( cisequaltothree ) on 11/Jan/08 21:44
Coming up next: A picture of althy and his gayming glove
By: howdeh ( minions ) on 11/Jan/08 22:10
By: scratchie on 11/Jan/08 23:57
Legen, wait for it ........ wait for it.........
...........................dary! Yes very much :D, congrats on the cup! HF with it :)
By: Voodo ( Two Team Squad ) on 12/Jan/08 01:34
you should have brushed your teeth befor making that photo
By: AltbstFirth on 12/Jan/08 04:20
want to play silkroads?
By: Altbst on 12/Jan/08 04:26
No thx it's shit green.
By: Admirable ( coolclan ) on 12/Jan/08 05:01
I'd like to say I was just out of bed, but I'm afraid I always look like that... ;)
By: GuiZ on 12/Jan/08 13:30
TBH we are all afraid now admi. YOU WANNA KILL NS OR WHAT ?!
By: Nirgal on 12/Jan/08 20:12
Are these headphones part of your body?
By: Admirable ( coolclan ) on 12/Jan/08 20:29
What headphones? xD
By: kurze ( Velvet Coat Squad ) on 12/Jan/08 21:51
I like how admirable combed his hair to the front so its not so obvious hes a got a big (i mean huge) forehead
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 12/Jan/08 22:41
I predict Admirable to have a terrible combover in 20 years time. Cool mug. Why didn't I get one, you cold hearted french bastards? :cry:
By: Admirable ( coolclan ) on 12/Jan/08 23:32
I'm waiting for my next ENSL cheque before I buy a comb, have a shower and get a haircut.
My hairline isn't receding, unfortunately I was born receded.

Mummy says my head is so big because it's full of brains!
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 13/Jan/08 04:34
I wonder what she says about her big mouth then...
By: Arj ( Ant ) on 14/Jan/08 11:58
How does your manly voice fit in that picture Ad? :P
By: Voodo ( Two Team Squad ) on 17/Jan/08 23:39
his mouth is big coz of the huge cocks
By: Nde ( Saunamen ) on 26/Jan/08 06:37
Nice headphones, best ones ;PP Medusa rocks

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