Week 1 for Real!


So after lots of U-turns and second-guessing, it has finally began, the Ninth ENSL Season, First Week.

So divisions, schedule, maps and rules are final now.

Check your agenda, and schedule with your opponent. Preds will be coming too. Currently we only have preds for Div1 by James "Admirable" McDonnell, but if anyone wants to take the job for Div2, go ahead. Refs are naturally seeked.

1st Division
Weeks 1-7: Division games
Week 8: Finals

2nd Division
Weeks 1-5: Divisions games
Week 6: Semi-Finals between group winners and runner-ups
Week 7: Finals

I would like to remind people to be sensible with each other. There will be forfeits which everyone wants to be replayed, so it is better not to piss of your enemy in advance. :)

EDIT: There were some late changes, recheck your agenda

Have fun!

jiriki on 21 January 08 21:30

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By: marmotte on 21/Jan/08 21:31
By: pathy on 21/Jan/08 21:39
i bet at least 3 teams fold from our division. NASA is already dead apparently, and i think vigor and lif will never play a game.
By: Iots ( el'pheer ) on 21/Jan/08 21:58
how long will it take to add the divisions link to the site menu box? :o
By: orb on 21/Jan/08 22:27
Yeah, gogo Insane :]
By: 360ms on 21/Jan/08 22:50
By: CraZyIvan on 21/Jan/08 23:04
By: smokealot on 22/Jan/08 00:48
ots i guess when divisons are final theyll be linked
By: TheRing_1 on 22/Jan/08 01:09
pathyf can u tell me why we will never play a game?
By: Alatriste on 22/Jan/08 01:35


By: smokealot on 22/Jan/08 02:50
i geuss pathy just dossnt believe in teams comeing out of nowhere and beiing able to play active a season.

i dont either, we had some experiences..
By: 360ms on 22/Jan/08 18:50
Week 6: Semi-Finals between group winners and runner-ups

So the people who come 2nd in each division half have a chance to go to the finals?.. Why is this? It makes the 5 weeks a bit annoyingly less important :( Why don't you just have a finals and a 3rd place between the division runner ups?
By: Iots ( el'pheer ) on 22/Jan/08 19:43
whats the reasoning in putting vigor in div2?
By: Hammond ( coolclan ) on 22/Jan/08 19:50
lol ots idiot
By: Iots ( el'pheer ) on 22/Jan/08 19:50
pizza just said that i humiliated myself :BLUSH:
By: Iots ( el'pheer ) on 22/Jan/08 19:54
"but if anyone wants to take the job for Div2 or Div3,"
By: Prefix ( Anonym Anti Anti A. ) on 22/Jan/08 20:32
By: 360ms on 22/Jan/08 20:50
Ots for predictor!
By: Merrick on 23/Jan/08 17:12
Maverick for Head Admin!
By: Jimmis on 23/Jan/08 17:54

v3.ns > ^|TTS|^ (v3 wins)
[Kiez] > Fallen` (Kiez wins)
^rawR? > lif // (Rawr wins)

all done :) xxxxx
By: Jimmis on 23/Jan/08 17:56
sR | > Td // (sR wins)
NS~F > VIGOR* (NS-F Wins)
NATURALFISHERS <> Quaxy (I see this as a tie)
By: sancezz ( NewStyleD Return ) on 23/Jan/08 18:31
kill him all????
By: Sharpi on 24/Jan/08 23:49
Ns-f 2-2 Td//
By: 360ms on 25/Jan/08 00:26
I hope Td get a line-up by then.. where's evangay fs?!

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