Signups Closed & Plugin Announced!


Hello Fellow clanners - we are now closing the signups as planned and announcing the divisions. Please check the rules, divisions, schedule and maps. Rules have been thoroughly updated (especially Sections 5 & 7). Divisions were not clear, and we might have under-/overestimated teams, but we had to draw a line and place teams somewhere. Two divisions wasn't an option since summmer is so close. The door might still be open for new teams, so if you got one, please contact the staff.

ENSL Plugin 1.1.1

Please check infopage.

ENSL Staff

jiriki on 18 April 08 01:39

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By: Sharpi on 18/Apr/08 02:25
first! gj, now we dont have to wait 30min for those lazy 3div clans to type ready
By: marmotte on 18/Apr/08 02:30
! >.< o:
By: ares ( The Team ) on 18/Apr/08 02:41
great job :) but i see ensl_maxrate 25k in rules in 20k in approved. lets set to 25 ^_^ ?
By: scratchie on 18/Apr/08 03:03
Great work! ::applause::
By: Admirable ( coolclan ) on 18/Apr/08 03:29
Awesome work J-Dawg!

Now lets nag all the server admins :D
By: mentalist on 18/Apr/08 03:32
why isnt rate 25000 allowed?
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 18/Apr/08 03:36
whops, typo, quick catch guys :)
By: mentalist on 18/Apr/08 03:46
By: Nde ( Saunamen ) on 18/Apr/08 04:03
If you want higher rate value then I suggest to play source. Rate 20k is max in HL1 engine.
By: Tweadle on 18/Apr/08 06:06
Really fantastic job. Keep the momentum with strong enforcement of rules though or this will only be a short-lived euphoria of order.
By: Admirable ( coolclan ) on 18/Apr/08 06:11
I feel the minimum values for cmdrate and updaterate are too low, I understand the defaults are 30 and 20, but 30 and 30 is too low in my opinion.

No one is playing on a 56k anymore, it's 2008.

Raise the minimums and leave less room for 'questionable' rates.
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 18/Apr/08 06:22
Minimum for both should be 50.
By: Admirable ( coolclan ) on 18/Apr/08 06:56
I concur.
By: Tweadle on 18/Apr/08 07:25
I also concur
By: Android ( Snowrollers ) on 18/Apr/08 13:30
Why are we in div 2 please? :(
By: Nde ( Saunamen ) on 18/Apr/08 13:38
What variables are these:
Rate changing causes kick in-game if not in readyroom ??

I know rate, cl_updaterate and cl_cmdrate was locked..

There should be include: fps_max, fps_modem or force to "0", cl_cmdbackup, maybe ex_interp and ex_extrapmax.

Raising cl_cmdrate to 150 was good (now people can use 125 fps(better for TFT and reg), cos you can use cl_cmdrate 999 and fps_max 100 and its only sending same amount updates than your fps (100/101) and nothing more. Same goes to rate, you can use 100k if you want but you are still getting max 20k.

There is little cheat with this cl_cmdrate, example if you are using fps_max 100.

IF you use cl_cmdrate values:
1.99-51 it´s 50/51 its cutting fps/2
2.49-34 it´s 34/33 its cutting fps/3
3.32-26 it´s 26/25 its cutting fps/4

You can check those when you join clanserver and watch you "update out of second x,xx k/s" value.

cl_cmdrate should always be fps or more and then it will stabilise your latency/ping and netgraph and the RegO!!

And cl_cmdrate minimun value should be atleast 50-60 cos its much important than cl_updaterate.

Awesome work jiriki.
By: Arj ( Ant ) on 18/Apr/08 14:12
Superb job on improving server settings.

Div 3 looking good. I'd seriously consider switching CRAB and Vital.
By: Android ( Snowrollers ) on 18/Apr/08 15:21
LOL i actually for once agree with you arj^^
But not switching.. Just moving us up with CRAB:)
By: 360ms on 18/Apr/08 16:18
Tbh I think people in places like portugal, russia and turkey would benefit from 35 - 45 on their rates quite a lot, ask seng0
By: ares ( The Team ) on 18/Apr/08 16:46
as Ekaterinburg fixed its connections there are no more russians plying with rates lower than 50/50/15k so i agreed with switching minrate to 40 or 45
By: Johs on 18/Apr/08 17:24
I hate ares
By: Bacillus ( Quaxy ) on 18/Apr/08 18:18
Awesome work Jiriki.
By: Android ( Snowrollers ) on 18/Apr/08 19:27
I hate bigbanuba!
By: howdeh ( minions ) on 18/Apr/08 20:23
Bit more practise on teamwork and I can see a rise. However, whatever makes you feel happy with where we are. I'm happy in Division 2 - however i feel that we could compete with some of the teams in Division 1.
By: Handschuh on 18/Apr/08 21:49
minrate 20k/ updaterate / 40 or 50... cl_cmdrate 80+

By: M on 18/Apr/08 22:37
boring mapcycle
By: Peacham ( Finland ) on 19/Apr/08 01:00
where is ns_machina? It is a great map!!
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 19/Apr/08 01:12
Jerry "Peacham" Seinfeld.
By: Handschuh on 19/Apr/08 14:36
machina ftw^^
By: Cobi on 19/Apr/08 15:49
machina 7v7 ^^
By: Hammond ( coolclan ) on 19/Apr/08 16:21
crab will C R U S H vital
By: Android ( Snowrollers ) on 21/Apr/08 06:22
Lol have u even looked at the divisions?
Hf "crushing" the other div 1 teams....
By: Arj ( Ant ) on 21/Apr/08 12:13
Just when I said div 3 looked sweet jiriki removes div 3.. I wonder why.. :P
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 21/Apr/08 21:53
Arj. This is because NineLegends have been added to the league giving an ODD number. This oddnumber results in an extra two weeks of play. So instead of 5 weeks of play. Div 1 has 7 weeks. To keep this balanced throughout we do what we did last season and have two groups for division 2 which then going into a 4 team playoffs in the last 2 weeks of the season.

It's good to see the same number of teams as last season though!
By: 360ms on 21/Apr/08 23:30
exam period tbh
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 22/Apr/08 01:16
By: 360ms on 22/Apr/08 02:24
he's better than you atm cowpat :P
By: d- on 22/Apr/08 16:17
born 2 lose amirite
By: Aleksi ( FINNSTACK ) on 22/Apr/08 17:56
dux = zallvan?
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 22/Apr/08 19:29
No he's not, even though I havent played ns in literally a year.
By: doctor ( Team Four ) on 22/Apr/08 20:19
hey leave born 2 battle out of this, its between tom and whom ever, b2b is innocent.
By: Arj ( Ant ) on 23/Apr/08 13:51
CRAB looking alright with doogie added :)
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 23/Apr/08 19:09
Another terrible player. Wonderful.
By: Admirable ( coolclan ) on 23/Apr/08 19:20
I know you are, but what am I! 8)

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