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Heya everybody!

First of all, I'd like to welcome Danny in our Staff.

Hes going to back us up in the future, and help out regarding Night Cups.

Finals in Division One will be Saunamen versus The Internet Superheroes, which is to be played next week.

The bronze match will be Team Fantasy versus Team Russia!
(If you guys don't want to play the bronze match its up to you, but I'd like to see it getting played.)

The Korean - American Tie breaker will be played at Sunday 6 AM CEST.

According to poll, you guys rather prefer a series of Night Cups over Season 13, which is understandable, due to summer is approaching quite fast.

This is how its going to be:

We will have Nations Cup, and a Series of Night Cups at the same time.
In case you don't understand how:
Nations Cup will be bracket system, similar to the Night Cup's, but here, one step will be one week.

We will have the first Night Cup two weeks from now(April 25th-26th), and from then on, every 2nd week, until summer kicks in.

Edit: Nations Cup will probably start the same time as the first Night cup.

Signups for both Nation, and Night Cup will be open Monday, although we might open them earlier, if there is no reason to delay them any further.

ENSL Staff

Voodo on 10 April 09 21:29

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By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 10/Apr/09 21:41
Sounds good. Keeping activity going.
By: Voodo ( Two Team Squad ) on 10/Apr/09 21:43
sorry for the late news post, i wanted to sum up everything, didnt want 3-4 small news post one after another
By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 10/Apr/09 21:51
I strongly advise you to not make it a 1 map knockout Nationscup like last time. I would like to see a poule structure.
By: Voodo ( Two Team Squad ) on 11/Apr/09 01:46
the nightcup was the 1 map knockout not the nations cup
By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 11/Apr/09 02:42
it was probably before your time? It was teamNL vs teamUK and we lost on eclipse.
By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 11/Apr/09 02:50
By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 11/Apr/09 02:51
It shows 3-1 for uk actually. But still a 1 map knockout system is just silly.
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 11/Apr/09 02:53
frG actually it was 3-1. And I'm fairly sure we won both rounds on ns_origin. I remember the marine round as a win atleast and I'm confident we won aliens.

n44bj got a great frag at comp and me and Mt did an awesome frag in ventilation.
By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 11/Apr/09 03:03
Yeah that was what i meant. However the 1 map knockout system was in place, and thats what sucked.
By: Voodo ( Two Team Squad ) on 11/Apr/09 03:14
i like 2 maps system in nightcups also, but i dont know how we will have the time for it
By: Strife ( 250 de ping ) on 11/Apr/09 09:58
You should make the looser bracket available.
1/2 map knock out with looser bracket and semi finals and finals the team that comes from the winner bracket has a advantage.

For exmaple, if it is 1 map knock out , then the winner bracket finalist will have a 1-0 in their favour.
So , the team from the looser bracket, so if the teams tie, the winner bracket team wins.
By: king_yo ( Legendary Snails ) on 11/Apr/09 20:07
what is 1/2 map knock out?
By: Strife ( 250 de ping ) on 11/Apr/09 20:32
A knock out is: you play against a team
you loose
your off

1 map means , you play just one map against your opponent, who ever wins, still plays
who loose, is out
if you tie, yo play another map

2 map means : you play 2 maps , even if you win the first one by 2 - 0 you still have to play the second map
if in the second map you tie / win , you advance
if the opposite team wins (you loose 0 - 2 ) you play a third map as a tie breaker

the point is, having a looser bracket would be great, even if teams have to play just one map
By: king_yo ( Legendary Snails ) on 11/Apr/09 22:35
Ok I tought 1/2 was like 1/2=0.5, not 1 or 2 maps...

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