Jarkko "Jutsku" Hakala- Rest In Peace.

It is with deep sadness and regret that I am making this post.

On December 2nd, whilst training in his country's national army, Jarkko Hakala (alias "Jutsku" of clan FRP) was killed in action.

Although giving your life whilst serving your country is one of the most honourable ways to pass away, it is a tragic loss of a young life.

On behalf of myself and the ENSL admins- and I am sure the whole of the NS community- we offer our deep condolences to Jarrko's family.

Jarkko Juhani Hakala, 1985-2005.

We will remember.

sherpa on 06 December 05 12:38

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By: oma ( vetus ) on 06/Dec/05 13:13
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 06/Dec/05 13:21
Yeah. R.I.P. Here's a link to english news of it: http://breaking.tcm.ie/2005/12/02/story233096.html
By: FreeZe on 06/Dec/05 13:35
There's a difference between dying for his country and dying during a practice :o.

But the death is still the death. Sad :o(
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 06/Dec/05 14:06
I don't see the difference. Serving is serving.
By: UnK- on 06/Dec/05 15:07
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 06/Dec/05 15:23
Yeah, Jutsku's family is going to have a sad christmas. Personally I got to know him pretty well even though I didnt met him. I spent so many moments with him that I will always remember him, and his voice.
By: Invasion on 06/Dec/05 15:32
By: Skyice on 06/Dec/05 15:54
By: aA on 06/Dec/05 16:19
it's really sad when you read news about some1's dead and so young... i didn't know him but it's really sad.
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 07/Dec/05 01:25

Love to FRP and his family.
By: Talis ( Quaxy ) on 07/Dec/05 03:34
Apparently im next, since I will be serving in army starting 09.01.2006 :(
By: cream on 07/Dec/05 06:18

gl talis
By: Mike on 07/Dec/05 08:11
he was younger than me. It make me thing different :c
By: B1 ( iMAGINE ) on 08/Dec/05 13:51
sad to hear :/

By: Stewy on 08/Dec/05 15:35
tbh freeze that was very tactless.

I and Evil send our condolences to all of his family.

Very sad idd :'(
By: cleJs on 13/Dec/05 05:24

By: iMpeCCaBle on 13/Dec/05 12:49
I'm thinking about 10 minutes now, but I don't know what to say when such a bad thing happens.

I didn't even know him.

I can just say that i feel really sorry for him and his familiy knowing that this won't help against the unbelievable sadness.

Hopefully god will help them through this.


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