ENSL season 13: schedule, rules & plugin

Hi lads,

We've got this new season up and running!


The System

As you probably noticed there two groups containing 6 teams: Group A and Group B. The first and the second team in each group will play semis and finals for the ENSL 13 Champions title. The third and fourth teams in each group will also play semis and finals and win the second title.

The schedule is ready, each game will be set for default time by admins. To change it, please contact x-man or Danny.


The Rules

Keep in mind that new set of rules is ready. There are many new points that might be controversial for you so please make sure you read them carefuly. There might be some slight updates in few days in case we forgot to mention about something.


ENSL Plugin 1.2

I've finally put the new plugin / server package together. Basically the changes are following:

  • Stripped icons to: admin, referee, donator and champion
  • Added command /makeroom to kick specs 
  • Works with the new site
  • Fixed forfeit clock bug
  • Added waypoint fix by Asmodee
  • Added ns_ayumi_e_b5

You can download it here. Please install it, its mandatory.



ENSL staff

Elvisq on 02 November 09 10:25

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By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 02/Nov/09 20:57
By: Elvisq ( Team Four ) on 02/Nov/09 21:10
By: huhuh ( Danny Est Gros ) on 03/Nov/09 12:03
By: BerglunD ( Snowrollers ) on 04/Nov/09 10:11
hows with the eject-thingy on gather on the website?
By: evilness on 04/Nov/09 10:22
BerglunD wrote:
hows with the eject-thingy on gather on the website?

Your response

Damn you Berglund you broke the 1 word reply thread but dont worry ill fix it here's my 1 word reply + a recap.

Schedule right together "because"

By: huhuh ( Danny Est Gros ) on 04/Nov/09 16:05
BerglunD wrote:
hows with the eject-thingy on gather on the website?


By: Miglecz++ on 04/Nov/09 16:23
is it possible in ensl plugin to remove waypoint given by commander in marine team with any cmd?
By: weezer on 06/Nov/09 13:08
is the champions icon for past champs also? if not then why
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 06/Nov/09 13:14

Its a challenge cup. The point is to keep the incencitives to take them back.

Migclecz, I tried to implement this but unfortunately wasn't able to. Apparently it wasn't that simple. However I know its possible.

By: weezer on 06/Nov/09 13:47
but the teams are shuffled around from season to season!
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 06/Nov/09 13:58
The icons are given for players who were playing in the team during the season in question.

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Match Schedule
Saturday, 19 April

Div 3A: Frequency vs. Vexta Ω (twitch.tv/feathermonster)

18:00 UTC

Sunday, 20 April

Div 4A: She-Wolves vs. M.A.C.S. (twitch.tv/feathermonster)

19:00 UTC

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[22:06] TuRGoN: +1
[21:01] Hertus: we need a nsl troll season
[12:01] Moadib: wtf!
[09:18] herakles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5v3pe64j6I
[23:56] Mega: "should"
[23:19] swalk: someone should remove the nsl maps from the gather vote
[23:00] Mega: Join the gather plz
[22:10] Ixian: Streaming the new map NS_mineral (gather) at the singing skulk!

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