The Finals

The Finals!

Welcome lads. Prepare for final week and the two remaining matches of the ENSL Season 13:

Premiere Final: Saunamen vs U GO?

Tier 2 Final Tuxedo Man vs Stray Dogs

Due to a polite request by one of the participating teams we are going to collect all plugin screenshots from the semi-finals. The clan leaders have already been informed. If a player fails to provide snapshots within 5 days, he gets suspended for 2 weeks. Any incomplete set of screenshots will result in a ban.

In additional news, x-man, who you all know for organizing matches well during the season, decided to quit after a ban controversy and take a break from ENSL. We thank for his work and wish him good luck. I can honestly say that he did the most work league-wise.


ENSL Staff

Elvisq on 14 December 09 12:47

History | Comments: 86


By: dugi on 14/Dec/09 13:36
suspended? joke?
By: beefcake on 14/Dec/09 14:01
now you can also add Ykarus to the ban.
By: Ykarus ( The Team ) on 14/Dec/09 14:06
What?! Don't ban me. I did nothing wrong. I left a dead clan to join an active one. Seriously don't involve me in this drama.
By: beefcake on 14/Dec/09 14:11
where to sent screenshots?
By: Nerdish ( NewStyleD Return ) on 14/Dec/09 14:13
Yeah, after all Yka didn't switch back and forth like Almaty; and he was accepted as merc by TO.

By: EisTeeAT on 14/Dec/09 14:19
i thought u cleard up he was clan swapping not multiclanning at least this season ... u might wanna think about what u wrote last night ... seems kind of wrong to me what u are doing with the supension !

And leave Yka alone whole NewStyle gave him away so he has done nothing wrong !
By: macpersil ( Team Two ) on 14/Dec/09 14:38
Eistee it doesnt only seem wrong to you. It is admin abuse. In fact xman has a personal dislike towards me which he doesnt only show in this suspension. Ask frG he might have the log of this funny rule xman plans.
By: Elvisq ( Team Four ) on 14/Dec/09 14:41
I don't have log of this converation but it was smth about not letting mp play next season. The actuall supsension is based on rules (not even written by me)and unfortunatly you crossed the line here.
By: macpersil ( Team Two ) on 14/Dec/09 14:42
well xman you are a member of tO you were there when the match was why didnt you stop me to play then?
By: macpersil ( Team Two ) on 14/Dec/09 14:45
btw Multiclanning is defined as "being in 2 teams at the same time" i never was...
And noone stopped me i didnt even fakenick wtf...
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 14/Dec/09 14:45
Ugh... -.-

Admins you've gone about this all wrong. One point is the fact you should of brought this up in the game instead of now... -.-
By: macpersil ( Team Two ) on 14/Dec/09 14:45
"I don't have log of this converation but it was smth about not letting mp play next season. "
By: Nerdish ( NewStyleD Return ) on 14/Dec/09 14:49
This also seems a little like a witchhunt to be honest, because some admins lacked self-assertion and knowledge of their own rules.

X-man, Danny, why didn't you refuse to play against ugo as long as Almaty is in the line-up?
Weren't you aware of the rules or were you just afraid to get blamed for bad sportsmanship, when you get a forfeit win, because ugo couldn't field six??

Why does dugi have to teach you about what map is played next?

While I'm thankful for the things you do for the league, you can't just wave away criticism and make sloppy decisions with the hint "do it better yourself, go, be admin", so please don't even try to go down that road.
By: macpersil ( Team Two ) on 14/Dec/09 14:50
"" "I don't have log of this converation but it was smth about not letting mp play next season. "
Why? ""

By: BerglunD ( Snowrollers ) on 14/Dec/09 14:57
i once multiclanned :DDDDD
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 14/Dec/09 15:01
Yeah, and I got you bad.
By: EisTeeAT on 14/Dec/09 15:33
I hate to syy it but MP is right about the multiclanning. He never was in two clans at the same time ..

That is not even possible with the same SteamID as far as i know !

So u are just living out a grudge here or something.

I can understand if u dont like MP ..with him being so young and his weird way of looking at politics and stuff and thinking he actually knows about that stuff too but still the BANN is WRONG !
By: aA on 14/Dec/09 15:47
i wonder how far this league can go, it's quite ridiculous that an admin a member of the team that has lost semi finals match is now banining another member of opponent team, not even to mention that he doesnt even understand his own league rules and it's not the 1st mistake he has made. xman seriously... yet another wrong decission based on his team mates brawls.
By: EisTeeAT on 14/Dec/09 15:51
u ment to say X-man ^^ (Drama inc) !!
By: pyro on 14/Dec/09 16:04
i was here.
By: beefcake on 14/Dec/09 16:45
As I recall wasn't there a rule that says; "Any player isn't allowed to play in two teams/switch team during a season" (made so the teams would stay active for the whole season) or was that just a talkthrough subject before season? I just remember some talk about a rule such alike before season atleast.
By: Maxx on 14/Dec/09 16:48
By: lump on 14/Dec/09 16:50
I agree that mp takes the piss with his clanhopping when one clan doesn't do what he wants but a suspension AFTER the match is kinda... well.. dumb? Surely?

This is where normally people use something called a: WARNING.. lol
By: Tweadle on 14/Dec/09 17:19
You're kidding, right?
By: beefcake on 14/Dec/09 17:32
Yeah! It's way to late to ban him now + I already told you about his clanhopping like 3 weeks ago (if not longer) should have been done by then tbh. But no matter what a ban is correct for the actions he has made. But this ban is done to late. You already knew about it from way earlier. And the ban has nothing to do with the tO vs. Ugo match, I hope not atleast.

But at some point MP gotta pay for his actions.

I say let him play finals, because their losing either way and I really just like the sound of "MP DOWN!!" gives a sudden joy and smile on my face.(Yeah you got him down Danny congrads (after 9 meds)) :P hehe..
By: Miglecz++ on 14/Dec/09 18:15
saunas playin another match with ugo in this season?? phew
By: huhuh ( Danny Est Gros ) on 14/Dec/09 18:30
How long will it last ? I mean, wasn't mp banned twice already or so ? Tell me when you quit ns so i can buy some champagne and party baguettes ! thx
By: Arj ( Ant ) on 14/Dec/09 21:45
I suggest making a new rule:
Joining another clan during season is allowed at admins discretion. This event can only occur once a season.

Strictly spoken x-man was very right to ban you mp, you know this. But fair warning before the match you lost would have made it acceptable x-man.. now it looks like you are trying to justify your loss (I know you're not but it looks that way)
By: Arj ( Ant ) on 14/Dec/09 21:48
Another problem is the 2 admins (danny and x-man) were in the same team. That's nonsense.. you couldnt use your admin power to refuse mp to switch AGAIN, because it would be benificial for you. That's why its absolutely necesarry to have another admin rule in such situation
By: Elvisq ( Team Four ) on 14/Dec/09 21:51
basicly you got the point arj...
By: mu on 14/Dec/09 22:15
god damn. u dum?

you cant be all swapping around in clans the whole time or shit goes wrong. maybe if you had a little bit of respect for the rules in general NS wouldn't have literally been a huge venn diagram of players.

heres a brief guideline for 95% of clans in NS1 (new players, take note):

1. make clan
2. something doesnt go right (USUALLY NO TEAMWORK + PEOPLE GET PISSY)
3. fold clan
4. make new clan with 50% same people, 50% people from another clan who did exactly the same thing
5. repeat ad nauseum until everyone has been in at least one clan with each other and everyone is still playing like retards while the top 2-3 teams who actually stay together (finns/knife(9L)/flatline/etc) are on a complete other level.
6. vomit everywhere

There needs to be anti-clanhopping rules so people don't think its normal to make a new clan every 2 seconds and expect to be able to play.
By: mu on 14/Dec/09 22:22
with that said, i propose a system like this:

Pre-season: New clans made/players free to swap.
During season: 1-week cooldown rule.
Mid-season for 1 week: do all your big shift abouts here if clans die or whatever. you get to join other ones if they want you.
Final half of season: 1-week cooldowns.

No more than 1 teamswap per season.

ok pick holes in it and stuff now and make it better etc
By: SaperioN ( Flatline-Ns ) on 15/Dec/09 00:06
ban... BAAAAN
By: mu on 15/Dec/09 01:15
Also it's dumb that x-man decided to quit adminning because of stupid people getting faux-raged about a GUY WHO BROKE THE RULES GETTING BANNED

Yes, lets shit on one of the only people in this tiny community who actually can be bothered to get off their arse and admin the last NS league. Maybe that will keep it alive.

ps. u dum?
By: Elvisq ( Team Four ) on 15/Dec/09 02:07
haven't quited cose ppl whining but tnx for support ;]
By: Stewy on 15/Dec/09 02:33
mu speaks sense... (waiting for childish remarks like "brown nosing") but if you cant agree with someone making sense and talking sense then shows who you are. Thanks for hard work X-man and other admins etc, and keep it up. Its a game that wouldn't be this active without the efforts of these people. People dis-respecting them and the rules the put in place and abide by shouldn't have the privilege of being part of it.
By: SaperioN ( Flatline-Ns ) on 15/Dec/09 10:29
I dont understand why some ppl get upset about quitting clanmembers during a current season, its because some admins are just to dumb to organize ...

After 13 Seasons there are still unnecessary div-matches like Saunamen vs. TTS which is same interesting like i shave my balls on friday...GJ ADMINS

And the result from breaching rules isnt really wrote down.... that are the real problems for dramas !!!

And to solve this problem we should make an example of this breach AND BAN MP PERMANENT AHAHAHAHAHAHA
By: SaperioN ( Flatline-Ns ) on 15/Dec/09 10:56
btw to avoiding the problem of latejoining members every player should get a rating from 1-5. to continue playing in the current division your team mustn't rise above a certain amount of pointborder

For example:

strength: kranky 3 points
strength: phil 5 points
strength: Danny 4 points
strength: arj 3 points
strength: mokezi 5 points
strength: Macpersil 1 point

Division 1 borderline is 22 points.


By: evilness on 15/Dec/09 11:22
Yes SaperioN your idea is brilliant. Maybe we can turn it into special website function called something like hmmm NS-Factor and well have some judges who say your shit and your good this can obviously be achieved completely free of any bias because everyone in the NS community likes everyone.

And then for a grand finale we can have regular NS players TEXT in to vote for who gets what score.

What I’m getting at here is there is no fair way to do anything like what you suggest there's not enough data and to much bias.

+Underdog matches are played everywhere any real sport aswell as gaming and they are entertaining and can sometimes cause a little stir.

mu's rough suggestion for some limitations on the team switching seems fine and will probably achieve what its meant to.
By: lump on 15/Dec/09 13:05
lets all hug and make one big clan
By: Danny ( Perfect Peckers ) on 15/Dec/09 14:23
When we made the rules, about clanswitching, we actually told ourselves that no1 would be so gay to actually reqruit players during semis/finals/matches or jumping from one clan to another every day.

And in fact, no one did, except for MP.

Then we also have people posting shit here that are so badly wrong that its annoying to read. Like saperion saying:

"After 13 Seasons there are still unnecessary div-matches like Saunamen vs. TTS which is same interesting like i shave my balls on friday...GJ ADMINS"

Well if you had bothered asking what 99% of the "div2" teams WANTED you´d know that we actually listen. So why would i give a flying f**k about what you think is intressting when i have the rest of the leage on my side? TELL ME PLEASE?

aA: The rules are there as guidlines. The most important rule is fairplay. We didnt intend on letting people jump clans like MP did. We didnt have a 1-week waiting simply so that we could get alot of teams to play in ENSL13. You need to learn about fair play, and stop whining as soon as youre not allowed to do as you please.

But obviously there are players who do not follow fairplay and that just means I´ll have to add stricter rules about this issue for next season, perhaps with an appendix with example cases of what isnt allowed.
By: EisTeeAT on 15/Dec/09 14:24
GATHER SEASON !!... At season start we vote the teams !!! so every captain is responsible for his shitvotes XD !!
By: Nephotep ( New Team ) on 15/Dec/09 15:16
another edrama. it never gets old :)
By: sancezz ( NewStyleD Return ) on 15/Dec/09 15:40
Only germans play fair!!!!
By: SaperioN ( Flatline-Ns ) on 15/Dec/09 16:04
Well Danny, i like dramas, i like flaming, so lets go on this way ^^ :D
By: aA on 15/Dec/09 17:07
danny i haven't whined here in those comments at all, althought you probably see what you want to see, as for mp it's rly not my problem that he's a person which he is, on the other hand if you'd won this semi finals i highly doubt you'd be making all the dramma here. i didnt make the rules for this league so you shouldnt brawl at me for obeying them, according to the rules we didnt do anything wrong.
we had 10 minutes to ready up so we used them as we were pleased, we used a merc you agreed on it, mp came back to the team as he could.
and you won't make me feel guilty for something you imagine we did "not cool".
i think i said once that this league rules aren't good, didn't i? you got what you wanted, it's all your mess admins.
By: beefcake on 15/Dec/09 17:47
no thats just called bad sportsmanship aA. And sadly your team is full of it.
By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 15/Dec/09 18:11
By: beefcake on 15/Dec/09 18:22
still don't care about the fact that we lost frg. What I care about is sportsmanship and as U GO leader, I expected more from you expecially.
By: beefcake on 15/Dec/09 18:42
and which team is stupid enough to ask for these fucking screenshots? what they want with it?
By: Danny ( Perfect Peckers ) on 15/Dec/09 18:48
aA what makes you think this has ANYTHING to do with the fact that we lost? Its simply major retardness from your side to assume this is some kind of lame punishment.

As for your comments about the rules. This is EXACTLY what i meant. You dont care about any sportmanship or fairplay. As long as you dont break specific rules everything is fine for you.

The rest of this league is a step higher than you. Do you think saunamen will come to your final, and recruit a new lerk and fade 5 mins before the match (or even during the match)? DO YOU THINK THAT? Thats the only question that matters. And THAT is the diffrence between you and everyone else here.
By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 15/Dec/09 18:52
Then next time make sure your team can actually play Danny, you can NOT put that on us, simply because your members are leaving at ~22:00, like i said, if the match was running late in the night like 00:00, i could maybe understand.
By: Danny ( Perfect Peckers ) on 15/Dec/09 18:55
You lost youre players much earlier than us frG. Infact we had the option of taking a forfeit win by simply refusing ykarus as merc (1 of your players were AFK and you had only 5 on server. I asked dugi and he said 6 was impossible to get).

Thats what pissed ME off. We were decent enough to let you play with a merc, instead of taking a forfeit win. But YOU didnt do the same for me.
By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 15/Dec/09 18:56
So basicly we are back to the "teams that can only play with their ULTIMATE lineup" discussion? you had 10 members online at all time, then i don't see a reason to reschedule.
By: Danny ( Perfect Peckers ) on 15/Dec/09 19:01
Well you didnt even have 6, if i were you i wouldnt see any reason to not take a forfeit win.

But as explained, i care about fairplay and im also a decent person. I thought we were friends and understood eachother. I would close my eyes on any rules broken by you, any lame mercs you would get, as long as we would play the damn semi final with proper teams.
By: EisTeeAT on 15/Dec/09 19:01
It is like having 2 kids fighting for a AirSoftGun .. of course they both will do anything to get it and the winner is now shooting at the loser and the loser is complaining to his mother that he was mean .... GUYS ARE U 14 ?? This has become so ludacris!

14 Year old me says:
Just stop it hope for a good final and when the next AirSoftGun(season) is available u might be able to pay him back cause PAYBACK is a BITCH !
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 15/Dec/09 19:06
Screenshots collection seems like a good idea to me. No point in having an anti-cheat tool if you're not actually going to use it.
By: beefcake on 15/Dec/09 19:13
yeah.. but now I have to waste time on collecting those shiet-pictures, and really not that fun when there is over 200 pictures for some reason in my folder :S..
By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 15/Dec/09 19:27
sort by date.
By: Elvisq ( Team Four ) on 15/Dec/09 19:30
tip : sort by date
By: gobot ( Stray Dogs ) on 15/Dec/09 21:24
we are going to collect all plugin screenshots from the Premiere Semi-finals
By: gobot ( Stray Dogs ) on 15/Dec/09 21:25
sry wrong copy past lol urgs: wanted to post this : ^^
By: aA on 15/Dec/09 22:44
i didnt start dramma so why you call me a retard? it's probably hard to stand up when you have no arguments here and you just simply insult me, please danny...
yes you could take forfeit, don't blame us for not taking it, it was your decission to not to.
what's done is done, you cannot rewrite the past man.

also beefie you wouldnt be posting here if you'd not care, who are you trying to lie here?
By: dogo on 15/Dec/09 23:25
cl_up 14
cl_cm 175
By: BerglunD ( Snowrollers ) on 16/Dec/09 10:16
isnt it called SoftAirGun?
By: evilness on 16/Dec/09 11:54
EisTee "?? This has become so ludacris!"

No EisTee this this bitching and whining is ludicrous

this is ludacris
By: BerglunD ( Snowrollers ) on 16/Dec/09 12:23
i like you evilness, every comment is pure skill
By: Elvisq ( Team Four ) on 16/Dec/09 13:11
i'm off for 2 days and already someone fucked my news ^^
By: EisTeeAT on 16/Dec/09 18:11
well right u are evilness .. thx for correcting ! Thats what i ment !
By: verrektemongol on 16/Dec/09 18:13
sv_clienttrace set to 3.50000
in dogo's screenshot too :O
By: verrektemongol on 16/Dec/09 18:13
By: macpersil ( Team Two ) on 16/Dec/09 22:59
"The most important rule is fairplay. We didnt intend on letting people jump clans like MP did. We didnt have a 1-week waiting simply so that we could get alot of teams to play in ENSL13. You need to learn about fair play, and stop whining as soon as youre not allowed to do as you please."

Well letting me jump from TP to UGO and otherwise made exactly what you wanted to reach danny -> "alot of teams to play in ENSL13"

It is just a factor you did not think about and youre blaming me for "abusing it" I did not abuse anything I just USED it to improve the activity of YOUR league.
Now people are raging although I am just a part of the system you wanted to get to work.

The removed the bullshit they left the good stuff. ;)
By: Arj ( Ant ) on 17/Dec/09 10:08
unfortenately its always you sturring things up mp :P
By: BerglunD ( Snowrollers ) on 17/Dec/09 10:12
if we all had done like mp, it would have been enslgatherleague, im not sure its a good thing u used it to improve activity mp =))
By: Peacham ( Finland ) on 17/Dec/09 11:33
wtf, next season I do like mp and play for 80% of the clans how does that sound?!
By: dugi on 17/Dec/09 12:53
it sounds good but i hope you don't play in mine LOL
By: enigmatic ( 9L ) on 17/Dec/09 15:31
nothing mp ever does is wrong. he is absolutely right, people should be able to multiclan and/or clanhop as much as they want during a season for their actions increase activity! not...
By: Miglecz++ on 17/Dec/09 16:03
just use different accounts and everything is possible, ensl is to make fun for people and not a serious business...
we should be able to play in the two teams that are currently playing against each other :P
By: bp on 17/Dec/09 22:26
ns is not fun
By: Danny ( Perfect Peckers ) on 18/Dec/09 15:29
MP stop acting retarded.
By: Peacham ( Finland ) on 18/Dec/09 15:55
everyround marineround?
By: xa on 18/Dec/09 19:10
remember: ns is serious buisness...
By: Nec0 on 19/Dec/09 01:11
By: kurze ( Velvet Coat Squad ) on 19/Dec/09 17:43
thanks to x-man for his efforts.
By: gobot ( Stray Dogs ) on 20/Dec/09 13:00
By: Ykarus ( The Team ) on 20/Dec/09 23:25
gg worthy final. wallhack drama, bugusing, ramboing and chat prohibition. that is ns :D

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