Happy New Year!

Hello beloved NS Community !!


I thought i WISH you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR from the ENSL staff !


And here is the spirit i would like to see for this year in a song:

Sister Hazel - It's a New Year (Just get along)


So we all HOPE u had a blast and maybe by tomorrow some of us will be sober again !


All the best from ur ENSL Staff !


Oh and a little reminder one more time: NightCup SignUps are open so get some Teams in PPL !


Urs truly EisTee.at

EisTeeAT on 02 January 11 02:42



Fi dugi

happy new year you goddamn gags

2 January 2011, 02:44


Hu Voodo | Two Team Squad

fuckin hippies
also happy new year fuckers

2 January 2011, 02:47


Ru LiZo4ka | Team Two

happy new year faggots ;D

2 January 2011, 03:15


Ar fitoX | 250 de ping

merry crisis and happy new fear to all of you

2 January 2011, 04:34


Fi jiriki | old people

happy new year <3

2 January 2011, 07:45


Az sancezz | NewStyleD Return

u2 :)

2 January 2011, 19:50

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