Season 4 Starts!

After a long and painfully long delay we have finally started Season 4 of the ENSL!

Due to some issues with updating the site and exam periods we have been unable to start the league until now and we’re not going to waste any time, the 1st default match time is TOMORROW at 20cet! You may play this match between Sunday and Wednesday.

I will explain some changes to this season that will hopefully improve this season.

We have opted for 3 larger divisions this season with our main division holds the 8 top clans and divisions 2 and 3 both holding 9 clans each.

Each clan is to be scheduled to play every other team in their division once.

We will be asking each clan to play 2 other clans in their division each week according to our schedule. Each of these games will also be played on 2 maps.

We recognize that it would be too much for clans to learn 4 maps a week so instead, we repeat the same combination of maps within each week. In other words, their will still only be 2 maps a week.

The ENSL ‘Week’
We are changing the definition of what we consider a week according to the ENSL to allow for 2 matches to be played.

The week is now to be started on a Sunday and divided into 2 halves.

Half 1: Sunday – Wednesday
Half 2: Thursday – Saturday

The default times for playing your matches are at the beginning of each half. i.e. Sunday 20cet and Thursday 20cet.

If you are unable to play you’re match at the default time slot you may _request_ to arrange it for later in that half of the week using the agenda system on the CL page.

Mop-Up Week
In previous seasons their have been many troubles with rescheduling of matches and many teams abused their ability to do this. So this season we are not allowing ANY rescheduling of matches. If you miss your match within the allocated time slot, you may not choose another time to play it.

As not all games will be played (for various reasons such as real life problems, roster, servers etc) we are holding 1 week at the end of the season called the “mop-up week”.

Before this week, we will schedule each team to play a maximum of 2 games they missed during the season, these two matches are default to the 1st two each team missed.

If for some reason your clan missed more than 2 matches during the season, you are not guaranteed to be able to play any mop-up matches.

Map List

Week 1+2: tanith / veil
Week 3+4: veil / caged
Week 5+6: eclipse_ensl / lost
Week 7+8: metal / origin
Week 8+9: tanith / orbital

Server Variables
‘mp_blockscripts’, the default value for the season is still ‘1’. If a team requests the value to be ‘0’ during any match, the other team MUST agree, then and only then may it be set to ‘0’. If this is questioned at any time with just cause, the admins may set the result of the match to be void.

‘cal_screenshots’, the default value for the season will be ‘0’. We feel the screenshots annoyed more people than were physically checked by the referees. If before a match any team requests for screenshots to be used and checked, they still MUST be used.

for more information on all of the above changes, please refer to our rules

Good Luck!

360ms on 01 April 06 15:38

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By: jiriki ( old people ) on 01/Apr/06 15:50
Hey I want my RIGHTFULLY mine ADMINS back! =((

Anyways, gg hf gl - lets see how this works.
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 01/Apr/06 15:51
Hey I want my RIGHTFULLY mine ADMINS back! =((

Anyways, gg hf gl - lets see how this works.
By: Peacham ( Finland ) on 01/Apr/06 15:59
rotfl dbl post
By: Raza on 01/Apr/06 16:01
And the map list... ?
By: 360ms on 01/Apr/06 16:05
Was just setting it.

for those with CL's that cba to tell them:
tanith / veil
veil / caged
eclipse_ensl / lost
metal / origin
tanith / orbital
By: tjo on 01/Apr/06 16:09
Well I wont really, but you get my point.
By: tjo on 01/Apr/06 16:10
Why was my comment deleted, that's really lame.
By: 360ms on 01/Apr/06 16:15
I didn't but i deleted my own after, thought you deleted it.
By: 360ms on 01/Apr/06 16:16
and tjo, any clan who is suspicious can just ask for it to be set @ 1 and ss's checked.. no biggie.
By: vara on 01/Apr/06 16:29
Having to play some matches with mp_bs 0 and some with 1 will be annoying for some clans. Either europe decides to change to 0, or we stick with 1. Making a poll and then not assuming the community's vote is just nonsense (the poll said 0).
By: anderval on 01/Apr/06 16:31
4 maps a week is going to be interesting
By: 360ms on 01/Apr/06 16:40
By: 360ms on 01/Apr/06 16:42
vara, people post links directly to one option in the poll. It isn't substantial as a reason to change.

You don't have to play any on bs 0, 'just say "no!"'.
By: anderval on 01/Apr/06 16:44
i cant read :<

ps: you cant delete you comments if you arnt an admin
By: tjo on 01/Apr/06 16:46
lump: the point isnt the maps themselves. We already know them, all too well. The thing is you have to practice each map against each team. Playing veil versus armless isnt the same as playing it versus knife.

Different teams have different strenghts, and play the maps differently.

That's what you practice before a match, not to learn the maps themselves.
By: mu on 01/Apr/06 18:02
why am i not allowed to play until 4/04 when i joined knife about 2 weeks ago and i didnt have that thing earlier today
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 01/Apr/06 19:11
Possibly something to do with the transfer of the test site over to the official site.

Whatever the cause- sign-up dates are ignored during the first week of every season.
By: SheamZ on 01/Apr/06 19:26
ho mass teams fr
By: weezer on 01/Apr/06 20:06
so people that sign up now are allowed to play the first week (till wednesday according to the new system) but not after that until theyre "officially" in the team?
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 01/Apr/06 20:08
That's how previous seasons have worked- and no-ones had issue with it.

Due to the delay in the website, I imagine you'll be allowed to transfer up until match week 2 (so in 7 days time).
By: weezer on 01/Apr/06 21:29
well thats what i meant, a week is 3 days now
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 02/Apr/06 08:51
Btw. CALNS-plugin doesn't work on new AMXX 1.70
By: danster ( Keen Edge ) on 02/Apr/06 14:28
dont use the new version then
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 02/Apr/06 15:38
Yeah, then there's that. :x

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