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First of all, hi o/

Since Naxo had very little time left to take care of the whole thing, I will replace him as one of the head admins of this league. Therefore I wanted to make some updates on our current situation.

To our knowledge, some teams have played no match at all since the beginning of the league. These teams are : el'pheer, AsC, #viel, Owned Powered by Skill. We would be very thankful if these teams could let us know if they're still in.

Also, many of you have witnessed that it has become increasingly difficult for us to take care of all the little problems that may occur in the course of the league. I'd like to use this news to remind you a few things :

• First, finding a server that fits both team is basically the teams' job, not your referee's. Your referee may act only as a witness to note that pings aren't even, that there is too much loss, etc. He may eventually propose an official league server to you, if one is available. Never forget that, in the case you can't find a suitable server, the match can and must be rescheduled.

• Also, please remember that the presence of a referee is not obligatory. So do not panic if no referee has agreed to watch your match : just make sure to play on a server that has CAL-Plugin installed on it and, if possible, request an HLTV that will record demos.

• Finally, the staff is here to answer your questions and solve problems linked to the league (and these ones only). But we also have lives, like all of you, and you may find it difficult to reach us sometimes. So please, if no admin answers to you on #ensl, do not waste your time : posting in the forum is an excellent method to let us take care of the problems you may encounter. We basically prefer this way, since we can more easily remember all problems to be solved (searching logs on IRC is not convenient at all).

Thanks to all of you for your attention, good luck and have fun @ ENSL, Season 1 !
PoMMe on 28 May 05 02:13



Blank B1 | iMAGINE

well said, gl this week yeah

28 May 2005, 02:45


Blank RioS

Have fun PoMMe ;)

28 May 2005, 06:29


Blank frost

Since veil only has 4 members now, I can't see them still being league active =/

28 May 2005, 12:42


Blank Mancunien

imho tbh that PaûMMe is really a oufz0r of his zizi

btw, be carrefull with the section 3.1 men

28 May 2005, 17:32


Blank PoMMe


28 May 2005, 19:40


Blank Brebis

oMg wataouf.

29 May 2005, 12:39

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