Practical guide for Referees and Casters

Requirements/Duties for Casters:


A NSL Caster is a volunteer member of the NSL (Natural Selection League) whose role is to help the organisation by broadcasting, commenting, and showing live events organised by the community. A caster can also help by recording content for later viewing.

The main type of live events to be broadcasted are commentaries of 6v6 competitive matches of Natural Selection 2. Though, the caster can be asked to contribute by hosting or co-casting other events (Q&A, podcasts…).


As such, a NSL caster benefits from a special status within the community with which come advantages but also requirements and expectations.



Once approved, a NSL Caster is granted a number of prerogatives:

  1. Trusted access to the channel, for use during special events (to be shared with other casters).
  2. Access to competitive servers during official matches, for casting purposes only.
  3. A special status (Shoutcaster) and a private channel on the Teamspeak server, a special status on the Discord server, and access to some private sub-forums of the NSL.
  4. A custom badge on NSL servers.
  5. Access to some NSL Caster special content (images, videos, resources etc.)


In order to be a NSL caster, one must meet all the following requirements:

  1. Be 18 (or be considered a responsible adult in their country of origin) or, if underage, must be allowed to legally participate in activities related to a NSL Caster role.
  2. Must own a Steam account with a valid copy of Natural Selection 2.
  3. Must have enough experience in the game to provide quality and relevant commentary of NS2 6v6 matches.
  4. Must speak English properly, since the NSL is an international community and mainly uses English. Level B2 of the CEFRL is required.If the applicant wants to cast in another language, they can, but they won’t be allowed to do so on the channel and must provide their own means of diffusion.
  5. Must comply to the NSL Caster guidelines and respect them.
  6. Must add a delay (3min at least) on the stream when casting a match.

Additionally, it is strongly recommended that the applicant:

  1. Have an experience of NS2 6v6 competition, as a field player or commander.
  2. Have their own channel (Youtube, Twitch…). This way, they can still cast when the NSL channel is in use, and the NSL staff can review their past broadcast.

Finally, meeting all the requirements of the application isn’t an assurance of being recruited. Ultimately, the NSL staff decides whether to accept or decline any application and doesn’t have to provide any justification on their decision.


Expectations & code of conduct

A NSL Caster is expected to:

  1. Be polite and keep the swearing / vulgarity to a strict minimum (it’s better if it can be avoided).
  2. Be politically correct, or at least not offensive on purpose to any kind of community or minority.
  3. Set up his/her stream properly in order to avoid problems while casting. Run tests if needed.
  4. Provide quality entertainment in a form he/she will deem relevant when casting. Try not to be dull.
  5. Provide insight during a live commentary. Use your knowledge of the game to analyse what you see and help the viewers understand what is going on during the match instead of just describing actions.
  6. Be unbiased.
  7. Cast as many games as possible. Unactive casters may see their privileges removed.
  8. Not be condescending, and not to put down any player/team.
  9. Encourage the teams and players, and comment on the good and the bad in the sole context of the match.
  10. Not use the stream as a mean to advertise things unrelated to the game.


Requirements/Duties for Referees:

  1. Always stay professional and calm when acting in an official manner.
  2. The NSL is composed of many and different nationalities, therefore you need to be able to speak and write understandable english.
  3. Know the rules! You don’t need to know them down to the finest detail but you will need to backup your decisions by referring to the rules (this implies you are able to find a specific rule when referring to it).

  4. Be able to make independent decisions in a timely and fair manner (you are justice for your match, but that also means, when you make a mistake, to be able to admit it and acknowledge it).

  5. Stay unbiased at any given point in time when acting in your role as a referee.

  6. Be able to record gameplay in a reasonable high quality and upload as VOD later in case something has to be watched again for Rule/Ref purposes.

  7. Act as a referee as often as you can. Inactive referees will be removed and will lose their privileges. They would need to reapply to get their role back.

You can suggest a change/adjustment rework of these requirements and duties. Please leave a comment below and/or correct it directly in the following Google doc using the comment function:

If you want to become a Caster and/or a Referee for the ENSL - Apply here:

Mega on 17 May 17 02:51



Blank Mr_Chainsaw | Gorge Selection

Give casters/ref a badge then there will be more :D

28 May 2018, 14:44


Blank Mega | pubstars

Ref once get a badge sounds nice for a lot of 1 time referees

beside yeah badges can take time.

28 May 2018, 18:11

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