Practical guide for Referees and Casters

Requirements/Duties for Casters:

  1. Have a free accessible stream (on Twitch, Smashcast or YouTube). Also, a 3 min delay on your stream is required.
  2. Be as unbiased/neutral as possible while casting. Respect all players, no ghosting, no politics or other non game related stuff. Do not use your casting position as an advertisement area for you personal agenda.
  3. Try to cover as many different games as possible (if more than a single game needs to be streamed and multiple casters are available, split the work and make sure all these games get a caster) Cast as often as you can. Inactive casters will be removed and will lose their privileges. They would need to reapply to get their role back.


Requirements/Duties for Referees:

  1. Always stay professional and calm when acting in an official manner.
  2. The NSL is composed of many and different nationalities, therefore you need to be able to speak and write understandable english.
  3. Know the rules! You don’t need to know them down to the finest detail but you will need to backup your decisions by referring to the rules (this implies you are able to find a specific rule when referring to it).

  4. Be able to make independent decisions in a timely and fair manner (you are justice for your match, but that also means, when you make a mistake, to be able to admit it and acknowledge it).

  5. Stay unbiased at any given point in time when acting in your role as a referee.

  6. Be able to record gameplay in a reasonable high quality and upload as VOD later in case something has to be watched again for Rule/Ref purposes.

  7. Act as a referee as often as you can. Inactive referees will be removed and will lose their privileges. They would need to reapply to get their role back.

You can suggest a change/adjustment rework of these requirements and duties. Please leave a comment below and/or correct it directly in the following Google doc using the comment function:

If you want to become a Caster and/or a Referee for the ENSL - Apply here:

Mega on 17 May 17 02:51



Blank Mr_Chainsaw | 8bit Bellysliders

Give casters/ref a badge then there will be more :D

28 May 2018, 14:44


Blank Mega | pubstars

Ref once get a badge sounds nice for a lot of 1 time referees

beside yeah badges can take time.

28 May 2018, 18:11

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