NIGHTCup_Newcomer Tournament+S12 Seedings

Seedlings/Match Times for the NCT is up.

Provide Feedback with reasoning what to change how of the Teams in that Theard.


Signup till  29 September 2017 . 22:00 CEST / 16 EST

  1. Register an account at (This video explains the process till 2:32)

  2. Click here and click [Request to join]

  3. Introduce yourself and if you want to play with Friends in a Team mention it there. (IF YOU DON’T FIND YOURSELF IN THE LIST DON’T PANIC WE UPDATE IT DAILY)


Showup on the 30 September 2017 start 18:30 CET / 12:30 EST till 23-24 CEST / 17-18 EST

On the TS3 Server:


Channel: Newcomer Tournament 2017 ReadyRoom


Addional Informations to the Newcomer Tournament here:

We will hold a small Nightcup Tournament if we have at least 4 Signed up Teams.

Signups are open now.


How to Create a Team/Join a Contest (Season/Tournament): (Select Nightcup and join)



Bo3 Double Elimination or Round Robin (depends on the Number of Teams)

open for Teams with 6 People 1 merc per team allowed.

On the maps: Tram, Veil, Summit, Biodome, Descent, Mineral, Jambi

Side Picking per coin toss.

Season12 is suppose to start at the 8 October 2017


Please provide constructive feedback for the Seeding:

You Can vote here+give feedback here about Maps:

What additional map you like to play in Season 12


Rule Rework for S12 is still on its way:

other people's ideas/feedback/changes are RED

Megas ideas are GREEN

Use the comment function of google docs to suggest add, change, or correct on it




How to Create a Team/Join a Contest (Season 12/Tournament):

How to Find a Team:

To see which teams have signed up for Season 12:

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