A Whole Host of Updates

League Seasons 13 & 14


Season 13 has officially ended. Any outstanding matches have been forfeited with a view to moving forward with a different format and stricter enforcement of scheduling.


We are looking into some new rules and a change of format for season 14, with some events to fill the gap while this is finished and the new comp mod version is created. Full rules will be posted ahead of time to give people a chance to get familiar with any changes and over any comments they have.


Comp mod


We will be doing a rework of comp mod, with all changes being checked over again, seeing what works and doesn’t. With changes like the fade hitbox in vanilla we’ll need to see how balance works or doesn’t.


We’ll be looking to get feedback once the mod is ready for testing, more info forthcoming. We’ll also be looking to test the mod in gathers and scrims as much as possible.


Upcoming Events


There will be another news post devoted to this topic, with more specifics, but in the meantime here’s something to gather interest. There will be a newcomer tournament followed by a Halloween night cup ahead of season 14. The night cup will be played with the new comp mod beta, so hopefully we can get a good turn out and try it out together.


Admin Changes


Spring will be stepping down as admin, we’d like to thank him for his work and everything he’s done. His replacement will be announced soon.


Kmacg on 23 September 18 19:14



Blank asdfg | HECKHOUNDS 2

its happening

23 September 2018, 20:19


Blank Mephilles | T1_Hera 17.8.19

I am positively surprised to see something happening tbh.

So may I ask what this "test" contest is about and why the staff page is down?

24 September 2018, 14:14


Blank Kmacg | HECKHOUNDS

Staff page issue is just the website being as it is. It's already fixed, just waiting for it to get pushed to the live site.

Test contest is probs Mega testing his things, he's looking into some stuff. Watch this space.

24 September 2018, 17:57

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