Season 14 Has Started!

We are Extenting Week3 to have all Matches played tilll the 10 December 2018.

And Week4 Matches then have time to be played till 17 December 2018.

AND [IF all Teams want/agree] we can do a Week5 Match till 24 December 2018


All Season 14 VODS / Replays (if Casters wrote their vod links in):


Season 14 Point Progression:



Initial Post:

Season 14 is started and you have until November 19th, Monday to play the first match.

Scheduling is being strictly enforced.



Rules for Season/how to play your matches:

S14 Rules Ladder season specifics:

1) Confirm your match time on the match page. Also, please type in your teams map choice and server choice on the match page. (Lower Seeded Team (left team of the matchpage in VS) picks first server and side)

2) Each player can only play twice (2times) in the one week. This includes any matches+mercing/substituting.

3) In case both teams don't find a match-time that they can agree on, the team with more match time suggestions wins. If no effort was made by both teams, the lower ranked team wins.

4) Each match will consist of 4 rounds total. 2 rounds on one server, then 2 round on another server. (unless both teams agree to same server).

Unplayed Matches with no/similar scheduling effort will have the lower ranked team winning  



How the Scoring for the Season Works:

Points get updated every monday on the ENSL

Seedingpoints only on the beginning of Week 1

4 Points for playing your match (0 if you forfeit)

1 Point for each round won

You have until November 19th to play Week's 1 match. (Monday)

For Example: Rank 1 Team plays the Rank 2 Team and ties with a score of 2:2:

Rank 1 score is 16 = Seeding Points 10 + Playingpoints 4 + Roundswon 2

Rank 2 score is 15 = Seeding Points 09 + Playingpoints 4 + Roundswon 2



Playoffs will be determined and will be explained in a future post.  



*Comp Mod may be updated through the regular season as we want to make sure the game is playing well. The goal is to get comp mod ready for the playoffs. So we will cut off any updates to comp mod a week before the playoffs unless there is an update to vanilla that changes something.


Please comment if you have any questions or contact an admin. Good luck!

Deck on 11 November 18 21:32



Blank crowbar | ELOgain

Who wrote this? The text needs improvement as far as orthography/grammar is concerned.

14 November 2018, 21:32


Blank phone

thanks for the feedback we are working on it

14 November 2018, 23:19


Blank Nightsy | #1 Midseason Folders

"2 Points for playing + 4 Points for 2 Roundwins + The Seeding Team Points (Rank 1 Team has 40) = 42 Points awarded to the Rank 2 Team"

I mean I suck at Maths but 2+4+40 = 42 seems a BIT OFF MAYBE

20 November 2018, 11:05


Blank Tinki | No Brain No Skill

Mega you put Thots team twice and forgot Nismen at "M3"

9 December 2018, 20:39

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