S15 Playoffs and Upcoming Events

Welcome back! Hope you all enjoyed your Holi-daze, the ENSL is back and ready to RUMBLE.

Season 15 Transition

ReMeMbEr SeASOn 14??? WeLL The Play Offs are soon! To figure out this SEASON's WINNER, we've got an exciting match ahead of us between ELOGain and THOTS. These two titans will be BRAWLIN' it out by February 3rd so stay TUNED for the biggest event match of 2019!


As we move forward with gathers into the New Year, we're crackin' down on LATE Gather players hard this time around, so make sure you get there within the 10 minutes allotted.

Progressive Mod

A new take on balancing the economy, techtree and combat systems to be more engaging and rewarding for players & commanders.

For those of you who don't know; Progressive Mod is a new balance and feature mod developed by Dragon, Grissi and rantology. Their Discord is open to anyone and available here, and the change logs are available here.

Recently we added a new Progessive Mod option to the Gather page. We hope that this will help them get games going so they can test new changes and Progress the mod ;)

Progressive Mod Tourament

A Progressive Mod tournament will be coming so you can show off how well you've learned the new mod (and maybe show off some exploits if you're wild). A date is yet to be set, as we'll need to see when the best time would work for both players and the development of the mod. Currently the mod needs more development/balancing before we want to run a tournament, so play more Progressive Mod Gathers and help them develop the mod more!

CompMod Changes

On the horizon we've got a few changes coming soon to Comp Mod that we'd love to share with you:

WE'RE BRINGING BACK THE LUMP. Here is a list of the new and improved changes coming soon:

Find the new CompMod discussion thread here

What do YOU want?

Between the ladder, Gung-Ho's Gorge event, ProGMod and other stuff there's a lot of ideas floating around. If there are things you want to see (like playing some Skulks with Shotguns) please do post on the forums or Discord, or feel free to PM any of the admin team. We're always happy to get more feedback.

Nothing is set in stone for our next plans, so if you thought the ladder sucked, or could be great with a couple tweaks, or you want something old brought back, let us know!

phone on 14 January 19 20:04



Blank asdfg | HECKHOUNDS 2


17 January 2019, 16:40


Blank Mephilles | hU'KKers

woohoo some news!

I'm always up for a custom map cup with incredibly unbalanced maps to play on XD

18 January 2019, 12:23


Blank paddy | tba

What's the bulge lol

18 January 2019, 20:50


Blank Marshmellow | #1 Midseason Folders

where is EU admin? lol

19 January 2019, 00:02


Blank MEAW

more spreadcheeks oops i meant spreadsheets

19 January 2019, 01:16


Blank Gung-Ho | Saunabois

I was thinking about organizing skulks with shotguns tournament, but I think it would Be better and easier If someone in admin team could do it

20 January 2019, 13:17


Blank Gung-Ho | Saunabois

And I enjoyed the ladder system and enforcing match times, it was easier for my team to organize matches when everybody knew they HAVE to play one match per week

20 January 2019, 13:20

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