Season 16, future events & new staff


Upcoming events

Season 16

We hope everyone here is as enthusiastic about Season 16 as we are! Preparations for this season are currently underway.

Unfortunately, due to the low amount of teams who signed up we need to delay S16 by several weeks. Please note, this only a delay, and that it will give more teams a chance to form and sign up.

The new projected start of Season 16 is February 2nd, with group play ending on March 8th. The playoffs are scheduled to end March 22th. While the dates may still be subject to change, we mention them so that everyone has a idea around which timeframe the season will be.

Signups are of course still open for Season 16!


Future events

We are also working on other probable future events which may affect the Season 16 timetable & another reason why we have to delay S16 for a little bit.

We still plan to do a Grand Open Tournament after the conclusion of S16.


Other Information



We would like to welcome Ritual as our new Communication Admin! Please give him a warm welcome & some time as he settles in to his new role.

Please note that we are still looking for staff. We have had a shortage of casters and referees for a while now, so anyone willing to help, especially with being an referee, is most welcome.

Please directly message DCDarkling, infamous or Ritual on Discord if you wish to apply for any staff role.

DCDarkling on 18 January 20 18:56


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