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Hello everyone,

It's time for another update! It's been a while again since our last one, so this newpost will be quite large

Staff Changes

Admins wanted!

As you know, Pelargir and infamous stepped down as admins a while ago. This leave us without a League Admin, which is a position we need filled if we are to host another season or other various events. If you are interested to apply, please DM DCDarkling on the NSL discord, or send a PM on the NSL website!


Event Team

If you do not wish to have the responsibilities of an admin but still wish to help out running events rather then only preparing them, spots in the event team are open for this. While the event team provides valuable feedback and assistance in preparing events, the NSL could do with more people running any event.

The more people helping run events, the more events we can have.


Staff updates

We've updated the staff section on the website, such as the referee pool. The list should now accurately reflect our current staff. If you feel anything in this is unclear, please let us know.


More gather mods have also been appointed. As usual with any staff member, let us know if any issues arise. Please note that 'gather mod up-kept a rule and now I am banned' does not count as an issue. You can of course follow the appeal procedure in question.


Compmod coder

Sadly, Golden has decided to cease development on Compmod. We'd like to thank him for his dedicated and long service to helping the competitive community grow and play by maintaining this essential mod!

With this said, we are now looking for another programmer to take up the reigns. If you have any desire to help in this regard, please reach out to us!


Ombudsman position open

Along with the departure of the league admin, mirez has decided to step down as the League Ombudsman. We'd like to thank him for his time in this role.

It is important to realize what an ombudsman does for the League: his main objective is to follow up on reports of maladministration and violations of the Code of Conduct by a staff member. More detailed info regarding this can be found on the Sanctions and Appeal Process page, towards the bottom.

Quick notes in this regard:

  • The Ombudsman must maintain a neutral stance and voice within the community
  • Only intervenes with issues between staff members & players.

Since the position is strictly speaking up to the community, if we will have multiple candidates we shall organize a poll or something similar.


Skulks with shotguns

From our tournament several weeks ago, we have received mostly positive feedback. However, some things did not work out as intended and will be changed for future events. These are:

  • People felt draws even for a small fun tournament were not ideal. We did not expect this given a previous draw on an earlier small & fun tournament, but will keep this in mind for next time.

  • We went far over the time frame set for the tournament. This was partially staff related and should be easily solved with more people to run an event. If this is not possible, rules will be adjusted to compensate for the lack of staff.

A big shoutout to our server operators who did a great job in setting up all the required servers!


Future events

We certainly want to do more events. At the moment though the focus is on getting more staff to help with these events.

Rest assured that we are still here. A future newspost with more info on events & what we are doing will follow.

DCDarkling on 25 May 20 21:21


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