NSL Restructuring Plans and Newcomers Tournament

Organizational chart

If you regularly come on Discord, you may have discovered a few staff changes as the NSL moves continuously forward. I would like to announce that a new staff roster has been selected and is hereby effective immediately, so welcome to infamous, Jackson, mirez, Mephilles and Grissi to the team. A lot of thanks to Deck for all the work he has done as an admin, he will, without a doubt, continue providing feedback on anything balance related. 4sdfg, phone, Kmacg and Mega will remain with the team carrying out different roles, as members of the Balance-Team and as League Official (helping with seasons, events, casters and referees) respectively. As for myself, I (Pelargir) will be head/executive admin.

Where we previously had only one Admin group category, it has now been divided into two different groups: Contributors (Balance-Team, League Official and Event-Team) and Admins (Executive, League, Communications Admins and Advisor) in order to get suitable and more specific roles for the involved players.

One of the biggest changes is the new Ombudsman position, which will responsible for handling of confidential reports regarding Code of Conduct violations by Admins and other staff members.

If you want to know more about the current vacant and occupied positions, I suggest you to check the above chart and Organizational structure article. This format is new, and as such, it is not yet set in stone and adjustments may occur in the future. We are still looking for more Referees, Casters, Website helpers/coders or anyone else who has abilities deemed valuable, so feel free to contact one of the admins if you are interested!

A new Code of conduct, as much as new Governance policies, become effective this day. Be sure to have a read, as these will therefore be applied from now.

Newcomer Tournament:

Are you bored by the chaos of public games? Have you ever wondered how this game plays as part of a 6 man team willing to speak and work together? Ready to try something new?

Bring your friends, or find new ones, and fight in a competitive 6v6 environment against other newcomer-teams to be crowned the best new NS2 team of 2019. All of this will be streamed by our experienced shoutcasters!

  • When is the Newcomer Tournament?

The tournament will be played on Saturday, June 1 and Sunday, June 2.

But the fun starts when you are ready!

We strongly advise that all players who wish to take part start attending training and scrimming sessions hosted by experienced NS2 players. This will give you the feel and the buzz of fast-paced competitive 6v6 NS2 before the tournament!

Saturday (Group Stage):

Start: 19 CEST / 1 PM EDT

At most 3 matches, with 4 rounds each

All games, if not finished earlier, will end at 00:00 CEST / 6:00 PM EDT

Sunday (Finals):

Start: 19 CEST / 1 PM EDT

Half-Finals and Finals, played in a best of 5 format

Depending on registrations these times may change.

  • Do I need a complete team?

No, you don’t! Everyone can register. It doesn’t matter if you register only yourself, with a few friends or a complete team. During training sessions we will give you the opportunity to find other players. Also, we have an infrastructure in place in which you can actively search for a team or complement your roster. If you are unable to join a team on your own, we will place you on a team accordingly.

  • Who can register?

All players who have not played in any of the NSL seasons on NS2 can participate. If you have played only a partial season, you may still be able to participate. Just contact us (see below). If you played a season really long ago, contact us and we will see what we can do about it.

  • Where do I register?

Registration is run by the ensl.org homepage. This video explains the process. It is also the page where you can find teams, players, and your results. See our Help Document for more information!

Also please fill out this form if you wish to participate to make it easier for captains to sort out teams!

  • The Help Document and Steam Group

We provide much more information in our Help Document. Check it out for more information about anything related to the Newcomer Tournament.

Don’t miss any news about the Newcomer Tournament by subscribing to our Steam Group.

  • Contact

If you have any questions not covered feel free to message us on steam: infamous and Pelargir

Pelargir on 17 May 19 06:50




im pretty new around here and id like to sign up. anyone got a team i can join?

17 May 2019, 19:04


Blank Sardine | #1 Midseason Folders


18 May 2019, 21:23




22 May 2019, 11:56


Blank Marshmellow | #1 Midseason Folders

virus link

22 May 2019, 13:06

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