The end of Season 17 and what comes next!

Congratulations to the winners of Season 17!

We want to congratulate

"CyberBoots 2077" for the first place,
"tokyo drifters" for the Second
and "Salty Skulks" for the Third.

The players of these teams will be rewarded with their respective Tier Badges in the comming days.

We hope everyone had fun in the season.

Of course the Hall of Fame will be updated.


New events

As the season comes to an end, it is time to look forward for new events.

Instead of just judging what event we want to run based on limited feedback, we have decided to run a poll. Please note that this is just to poll opinion on what you wish to play. We will only decide what is viable to run after the results have been discussed in the event team.

Please be as complete and honest as possible.
Remember, your feedback will influence the events we will run.

Vote here.


New admins

Event admin
We have had an open admin spot for a while now. So please welcome knifey as the new Event admin.

Since our focus is shifting more and more to events, the focus for this admin spot will still mainly be events. For the moment the role falls under the league admin in matters of events, but this is subject to change.

Gather admin
We have also decided to reinstate the position of gather admin.
For this position we have selected Gung-ho. He has been a gather mod for some time now & feedback on his work in this regard has been quite positive.
Please also give him a warm welcome in his new role.

The gather admin will have large freedom in the rules and sanctions for gathers. Please make sure to give him your feedback.

Admin comments

As always feedback is welcome. If you have any server issues or any issues with an admin, please give DCDarkling a private message on Discord.

Espa is aware we still have the NCT Badges standing out, but it is getting worked on, so hang on a little longer!



DCDarkling on 15 December 20 14:40


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